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  1. So I know I am hashing an old topic but I was having some problems with the MD-11 which if I look at ye ND it showed I was not aligned with the runway at LAX rw25r or what ever runway. Even had problems on approach to SLC same AC. Tried the flight1 reg utility but still no alignment possible. I have the new magdec.bgl file so I followed the advise of another user from the 737 forum. Not going into a whole lot of detail but look in that forum towards the bottom and follow the instructions on page 3. Worked great Sorry that should be the pmdg 747 forum
  2. One issue that is, but not really a problem, the speed brake handle will engage when starting the engines from a semi power down at the gate. Never seen this on any other AC I fly
  3. So is there a new manual released with the Overdrive? I have it installed but now have some items under the Config section

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