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  1. Lawy

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    I am entirely with you on this, but it really depends on what you want from a simulation. If you want to replicate 99.9% of flights where there are no issues then the Aerosoft plane is fine, but if you want to replicate 100% of flights, where something unexpected may happen, then go for the FSL one.
  2. Lawy

    PMDG 747-8 Release Date?

    If you had taken just a little bit of time to search 'PMDG release dates' then you would find the answer. It's a little hard to believe just how many times the same questions are asked here.
  3. The license info for all your P3D purchased downloads is detailed at the bottom of the 'Purchased Downloads Page'. Can you not log in with your original email address and retreive the info?
  4. Depends on which definition is used to define the "correct" season start and end dates: P3D seasons are based on the astronomical definition, whereas FTX are using the meteorological definition.
  5. Synthetic Vision System...I assume
  6. Lawy

    C Cleaner infected

    This is the announcement from Piriform:
  7. Hi, Would appreciate it if you could send me some info too, as I have the same problem. Thanks
  8. Lawy

    Camera movement in VC

    Has anyone else tried this in Windows 10? If so, did it run ok? When i tried it it caused FSX crash.
  9. Lawy

    Singapore Airlines repaints for NGX ?

    You could send a request to Alex Farmer at Goldstar Textures:
  10. Robert, Strange feeling I am about to feel their wrath... :Nail Biting: :Nail Biting:
  11. So why not take the weekend off and come back to it refreshed on Monday? Waiting a couple of days isn't going to hurt it?
  12. Lawy

    777 300 wing area

    Read the manuals? My goodness, what is the world coming to!!!!!!!!
  13. Lawy

    P3D Priceing