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  1. alexczarn

    On a sultry Queensland morning

    Ah I just got REX4 Texture Direct so a set from there.
  2. alexczarn

    A new traffic program

    The third one is an ORBX advertising screenshot; the 1st one just looks like a screenshot of the old MyTraffic.
  3. alexczarn

    Sunny Jetstar

    Inbetween university study and work, and the fact we've been spending a lot of course time in Prepar3d; frankly I haven't really had the motivation for FSX for a while. But after having bought a few addons thanks to sales lately, I broke it out today for a cliche east coast run.
  4. Third shot has amazing lighting.
  5. These viewpoints are so familiar to me.
  6. Shots look so realistic mate.
  7. alexczarn

    New Alaska

    The past week or so, FSX has turned super buggy on me. DLL errors, multiple CTD's, you name it. A reinstallation later, and multiple tweaks, it's still not as stable as it was a month ago, but not as bad... Bonus points for guessing the airport
  8. alexczarn

    A single shot

    Trying to debug ntdll.dll crash problems, so a lot of my addons are disabled. However here's a single shot of the default flight over Friday Harbor. I thought the sky looked nice.
  9. alexczarn

    Twilight Golden

    Colour correction looks a bit off in some of the photoscenery...I guess that's the problem of photoscenery only being a single season... You have some stunning looking skies though. The ambience in the 2nd shot is unreal mate.
  10. Something different than my usual jetliner flights. Also these shots are with the FSGenesis 19M mesh that I picked up on sale. 19m vs 76m might not seem like a big difference, and it really isn't in like an area you are unfamiliar with; but when there's an area I know off the back of my hand, the accuracy improvement really is noticeable.
  11. alexczarn

    Realistic sunset over North London

    That is incredibly realistic; XPlane again I am guessing?
  12. alexczarn

    To warmer climes

    Leaving Canada for North Carolina. The Just Flight A321 was a new addition to my fleet over the weekend.
  13. alexczarn


    Bringing back the memories of FS2002; the sim that was the start for me.