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  1. Might be in lockdown again...but that didn't stop another SSD arriving, redownloading MSFS and virtually getting around my neighborhood.
  2. In between usual spring stuff, like house cleaning, working and planting strawberries; I found time for a quick commute. I have flown this route IRL several times, however in a 737. I have P3D in a configuration software/setting wise that I am happy with. ActiveSky really helping with the immersion factor here.
  3. I often recreate flights I have taken IRL. For example, YBCS-YBCG.
  4. Ah I just got REX4 Texture Direct so a set from there.
  5. Just got back from a trip to NSW, so I thought, for my first FSX flight of 2016, why not fly one of the legs in FSX. YMML to YWLM in a Virgin B737-800W. Always love flying over a place IRL and recognizing it from FSX, for example the YMML approach seen in real life was incredibly familiar to me, having flown it a lot in FSX; I suppose that is a testament to ORBX's realism.
  6. Have not been here in a long while, but utter shock at reading this. RIP mate, you did so much for the FS community.
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