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  1. I has same problem. Crash after update. I move outside the addons in Community folder. I start again to a new place inever flew. Yhe flight was ok. I quit the game properly. I reinstall the addon. I finaly can fly the already saved flights in place were there was addons. Try it.
  2. No, not yet. But paralax can be a problem even for building with fews floors, like in Paris. We will see if AI has corrected the pictures everywhere. I know that it can be done automaticly.
  3. Yes, very huge job to remove shadows. I did it for my scenery of Paris, only for the tallers buildings, and i spend a lot of time. I more worry about correcting paralax error for talls buildings, when the roof is shifted from the base. If tis problem is not correctly fixed, we'll see some roof on roads, etc.
  4. We also have seen a screenshot, last year, who shows the water effects following the river. The effect is clearly more important in the middle of the river. It's not "rapid" but it's almost convincing. Missing only some breaking wave following the stream to be good. It's a bit far to know how it'll be from 100' high.
  5. Une autre chanson a été écrite plus récemment, sur le même thème si j'ose dire, par "Noir Désir" ; le vent l'emportera. C'est du français actuel, mais encore plus abscons. 😉
  6. I'm not worried too. MS sayed in the video that the runway slope is defined from data. I have data (From ICAO i guess) for this airport. Only two point of altitude are defined (the extremety). That could explain why the runway is sloped like this. If we have more data, we'll place more altitude points along the runway, to match the mesh more precisely.
  7. Hello, the rock in St-Barth is quite probably hand-crafted, the rest of the mesh in St-Barth seem to be LOD 9. Here a comparison, first from my scenery, with a mesh from IGN at 20m/pixel, corrected localy. The second is a screenshot from a MS discovery episode We can see that the skyline is more smooth in the second picture. We can also see that the color of the water is too dark and greenfor this lovely beach. Note : the red ligne was a test to verify that the runway is sloped but strait (not ondulated). But for me, it's not a problem. It's mean that there will be plenty of room for developpers for enhance the virtual world.
  8. The better closer look to the real is my scenery 😉 http://marcoh.gratisim.fr/images/SB-capture_3_after.jpg The scenery is free. The runway is already sloped. But the MSFS scenery is not bad. There will be a little job to change the vegetation, add fews things like local houses, boats, cars, etc.
  9. Good idea, we've seen a lot of thinks in the last Weather episode, but there is still questions. - Can we have sand storm, in some areas ? - can we have specials events like Volcano eruption, fire smoke ? - Can we have hail and snow (not only on the ground but also on the air) ? - Can we have sea ice (or river ice) changing with seasons ? and for sade joke, can we have oil slick (it's happend) ?
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