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  1. FSX.cfg tweak [bUFFERPOOLS] Poolsize=0 / Usepools=0 (use either or, both do the same thing) – referenced as BP=0 This tweak bypasses the internal FSX bufferpool, and sends the data directly from the CPU to the GPU. Benefit: higher frames, Downside: possible artifacts. A very good balance with locked FPS is required!
  2. ceze

    777 crashes FSX ?

    I feel a lil bit ashamed for overlooking the "PMDG 777 issue tracking thread". I think it resolved my CTD on load issue. Maybe it would be helpful for u. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/418750-pmdg-777-issue-tracking-thread/ In my case i had to delete runways.csv in FSX root folder and ARPT_RWY.dat in FSX\PMDG\NAVDATA folder.
  3. ceze

    777 crashes FSX ?

    sure doesn't Josh. Still waiting for an answer for my ticket. Having the CTD on aircraft load and error log from appcrash report is pointing to PMDG_777X.dll http://forum.avsim.net/topic/418501-fsx-crashes/#entry2787570 I do not recommend u reinstall. Done it a couple of times, once with updating OP Center, the second without, same result, CTD on craft load.
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