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  1. The day cloud based gaming becomes mainstream is the day I stop gaming.
  2. Hopefully the sparse release of DLC is due to them focusing on developing a rich SDK and robust in-game add-on market to streamline the content delivery from third parties! Yeah right! :P
  3. The difference is the other top "AAA" (Skyrim etc.) titles have been out for months raking in the profits, whereas something like Alaska DLC was only just released. Either way I'm glad I held off on buying it, I was waiting to grab it on sale but didn't expect it this soon.
  4. On a similar note, I find that using my joysticks hat switch to look around gives me a jerky motion while panning, yet looking around with the mouse is smooth. Is there a fix for this?
  5. Probably because most games releases aren't in perpetual development.
  6. Thats what I've done, getting no love forcing it through the driver.
  7. Hey guys, very interested in this fix but I can't get vsync to work, I'm trying to force it through nvidia control panel with no luck, horrible screen tearing no matter what I do. Is it meant to be set in FSX.CFG?
  8. I've had this problem before, although not on my current install, never figured out a cause or solution though. I found that cycling through views quickly sometimes fixed it and sometimes not, seemed very random. Usually when this happens I have to manually select the view I want. I'd be interested in any possible solutions for future reference.
  9. The difference being FSX was the successor to the previous generation, Flight is not.
  10. I haven't tried flying offline although I can't see that it would help much, I'll do some further testing when I have the time.
  11. I get it where it freezes for a moment when someone enters or leaves a multiplayer session, that's annoying enough, but these are constant microstutters like watching a very fast slide show but my frame rate is high.
  12. I just started getting stutters today as well, was so smooth when I installed it with the occasional stutter but now they are constant and I haven't changed anything except the joystick buttons. Changing the graphics settings doesn't do anything.
  13. I'm sure they are getting right on this for you.
  14. I didn't get that directory selection screen at all, Just select your language then the UAC pop up and away she went.
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