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  1. VegaSSAre you using an ATI graphics card, the only time I've seen plane parts where they shouldn't be is when I first installed FSX, the default microlite parts were all over the place, I cured it by running Bojotes Tweak tool, as soon as I applied the new FSX.cfg file everything worked fine and still does.I haven't tried the planes from Iris but the problem sounds similar to what I experienced.CheersMartin
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new on AVSIM and this is exactly what I came here for, I have downloaded it but not tried it yet, I have no doubts it will work just fine.Thank you very much Stephane, the window layout issue was starting to drive me bonkers.Do you think it's possible to do something with the FSX.cfg file to get the same results, no for individual planes of course but for just one general layout?Anyway thanks again.Happy FlyingCheersMartin.
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