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    I work for DHS at DFW International Airport

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    I work for DHS at DFW International Airport and an avid Aviation Enthusiast/Flight Simmer!
  1. As an alternative to this (Due to having compiler issues with ADE) I went about it a similar way. Using ADE to locate the "APX" files for the stock airports, I searched for the corresponding "OBX" files for each stock airport in the "Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Scenery" and switched the file extensions to ".off". In addition to this I was already using Lorby-SI's Addon Organizer to ensure proper placement of everything. Currently every 3rd party airport I was having trouble with is now "stock scenery free". Yes it's time consuming and I know that it's been mentioned on multiple forums, this is what I've found that works. ***Update** Discovered that while the airports no longer have default stock...some of the areas surrounding Downtown for example, the buildings are gone. Tested this for the OBX files surrounding San Antonio and Dallas, TX. Downtown buildings are gone. #2 - Successfully excluded the stock airport BGL in ADE, recompiled it using the same V5 parameters, and used Lorbi-SI to create a new entry in the scenery config file. It works perfectly(until I find something else)
  2. Yea...I knew the Mavs were gonna lose today. I knew this since I first found out about the Xmas game!

  3. Tomorrow maybe Xmas, but next Saturday night will be the last night of 2011!

  4. Who's bright idea was it to use a JACKHAMMER at 8AM this morning? Every car alarm in this place went off because of it >.

  5. Sigh......she's gone till next week. Her turn to visit LA.

  6. Nothing like seeing gas for $2.96....still 3 bucks but better then paying between $3.69 and $4.09 back home

  7. Yeah! Vegas!!!! I should go to the strip and have some FUN!!! ......oh wait....gah! connecting flight. NEXT TIME!! ^_^

  8. Disneyland tomorrow......I think :)

  9. Currently in Los Angeles, CA :)

  10. Viva Las Vegas......one more stop to make in...45 minutes.

  11. Hmmmmmmm, I get to fly into Burbank...well "Bob hope Airport" on 12/6... LA for a week..had to "visit" at some point ^_^

  12. NBA Lockout is finally over, games will begin on Xmas day....wow, looks like the Mavs and Heat will meet again for the 1st game!

  13. Good ol Cowboys! Empty airport, winning game...awesome!

  14. iTunes is a lifesaver.....between my ipod and "backup" music folder itunes just so happened to create more then 75% of my music is still intact! the other 25%.....eh....still "MIA" at the moment.

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