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  1. Thanks wannabeflyer. sorry I cant see if you have a name in ur sig. Damn phones. :)
  2. "Necrophilia Time" Does anyone have vibration profiles for the ngx?
  3. I asked a while back, but guess it got lost. Can anyone paint a Aeroflot livery for the 800 model?http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/38/Aeroflot.a320-200.vp-bqv.arp.jpg
  4. I usually dont ask for fictional liveries but can anyone paint an aeroflot livery for the 800? It is not really fictional since they are on order. :) Oh and for fun if you do paint one can you add my name to captain's side? :)
  5. Could you do the 800w in Continental colors?l I think it would be pretty easy that you already have the united post merger done.
  6. tri_tro

    Your age?

    16 saving money for my PPL as soon as i turn1 17
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