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  1. Hi Barth, You are right there was no cargo version, it is just because I only fly cargo airplane and especially the DC6. If you don't mind, I would love to fly with the freighter version of TAI Cheers Pascal
  2. Hi, Just to say that I am also interested in this update when it will be ready. Thanks Pascal Paillart
  3. Hi Bath Would it be possible to have a cargo version of the TAI? Thanks for your reply Pascal
  4. LVar overview DC6

    that's great thank you !
  5. Just discover this very nice cargo livery and downloaded it the next minute ! Thank you so much for your great painting ;-))
  6. Thank you very much Cees, very usefull regards Pascal
  7. A2A Connie with default GPS //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit00] ... //gauge09=gps!gps_500, 0,0,1065,675 gauge09=RolasnRadar!oRadGauge, 0, 0, 850, 475, starton|sweep|beam|icing
  8. Thank you Guenter :smile:
  9. Good to know :wink: I will do so and let you know :smile: Thanks all of you for your feedback Pascal
  10. Hello Just move to P3D and installed only the Learjet 35A :wub: Everything seems to work as expected, except the payload manager which does not change the payload nor the Fuel tank capacity Thanks for your feedback :wink: Pascal
  11. DH or DA set in Radar Altimeter ?

    That's right, I was confusing with the ALT tone alert when reaching the DH or MDH :wink:
  12. DH or DA set in Radar Altimeter ?

    Yes we have a tone and a Yellow light illuminates when reaching the DH. :smile: Very useful in order to decide if we continue the landing or if missed approach procedure (MAP) would apply Pascal
  13. If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    Hi Scott This the way it works for me with Al's LUA scripts for autopilot. I select ALT SEL after having selected VS, in order to get the oral altitude alert 300ft before raching the targeted altitude. If not it stabilize anayway to the targeted altitude but without oral alert.
  14. DH or DA set in Radar Altimeter ?

    Hi Scott The radar altimeter give the elevation over the surface. Then this is the decision height (DH) :wink:
  15. Feedback Lear 35A Effects Package

    Thanks Dean :wink: