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  1. Cool

    Short trip with the DC6

    very nice pictures 😉
  2. Cool

    Flysimware news

    I'll be a customer also for this beauty Also my best wishes of health and success Pascal
  3. Hi Barth Good to know it is still on your list 😉 I will do the turn around for now Take care Pascal
  4. Hi Barth No rush but I would like to know if this is still on your list? 🧐 have a good day Pascal
  5. Hi Barth, You are right there was no cargo version, it is just because I only fly cargo airplane and especially the DC6. If you don't mind, I would love to fly with the freighter version of TAI Cheers Pascal
  6. Hi, Just to say that I am also interested in this update when it will be ready. Thanks Pascal Paillart
  7. Hi Bath Would it be possible to have a cargo version of the TAI? Thanks for your reply Pascal
  8. Cool

    LVar overview DC6

    that's great thank you !
  9. Just discover this very nice cargo livery and downloaded it the next minute ! Thank you so much for your great painting ;-))
  10. Thank you very much Cees, very usefull regards Pascal
  11. A2A Connie with default GPS //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit00] ... //gauge09=gps!gps_500, 0,0,1065,675 gauge09=RolasnRadar!oRadGauge, 0, 0, 850, 475, starton|sweep|beam|icing
  12. Thank you Guenter :smile:
  13. Good to know :wink: I will do so and let you know :smile: Thanks all of you for your feedback Pascal
  14. Hello Just move to P3D and installed only the Learjet 35A :wub: Everything seems to work as expected, except the payload manager which does not change the payload nor the Fuel tank capacity Thanks for your feedback :wink: Pascal
  15. Cool

    DH or DA set in Radar Altimeter ?

    That's right, I was confusing with the ALT tone alert when reaching the DH or MDH :wink: