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  1. Thanks Lorby for this crucial info!! I am quite new with MSFS ( a few days) and already discovering AAO for PMDG DC-6. I did not yet find how to declare the propeller axis in AAO. Did you find it? Thanks again Pascal Paillart
  2. There is an easy rule of thumb to determine the TOD: subtract the current altitude from the target altitude, ex: 30000ft - 10000ft = 20000 divide the result by 1000 and multiply with 3 and you will get the miles 20000 : 10000 = 20 x 3 = 60 miles so you have to start the descent 60 miles away from the point where you plan to be at 10000 During the descent: descent rate is ~2500 ft/min but not less than 2000 ft/min speed is M 0.8 until crossing 300kts then 300kts until FL100 and 250kts below Pascal
  3. Good morning Any news about the FMS add-on please?
  4. will it be part of a paint kit to make one with our VA color? Pascal
  5. Hi, I did try in KSFO. Tested 115.80 on nav 1 and nav 2. Both yellow and green RMI's point as they should. ADF 379.0 and 249.0 They both work after pressing the buttons on the RMI to ADF. And yes I needed to be in the air to see the ADF RMI working. Sitting on the runway did not work for ADFs but did work for the VORs. RMI VOR or ADF worked in both VLOC and GPS mode.. I do not what happent yesterday. my mistake ! Thanks for your help Pascal
  6. Thanks Mark, will do so the test at KSFO this evening. Merci Pascal
  7. Yes they do not work at all. Tested on different VOR and NDB I am in P3Dv3. When it worked, even in GPS mode they still indicated their respective radio source with no link to any GPS waypoint. Which is normal way of working I guess. Yes I noticed that! Anyway I will do some more tests this evening Thanks Al
  8. Hi Al Nop, I am talking about the RMI gauge where you cans get the angle toward VOR/ADF1 and VOR2/ ADF2
  9. Hi, just to share with you my first video with the FA50 😃 https://youtu.be/i5nCUGPhNpY
  10. Well, the RMI whatever VOR or ADF does not work anymore Pascal
  11. Hi Beta 1.8 in P3Dv3 I forgot to switch off the taxi light today and in spot view I can still see his light even with landing gear retracted 😃 I guess it is a bug Pascal
  12. Simulator payload can be used for exact amount of fuel in the tanks 😉
  13. My vote is for silence of flap realism 😉 Thanks Pascal
  14. Hi Bob Yes I have the white box as well, thought it was something wrong in my installation. For the fuel load buttons, I don't think I have this pb, will verify next time Pascal
  15. Same for me in P3Dv3 I feel the same 😃 Thanks for that Pascal
  16. May I ask one as well? I know this bird is a Dassault Falcon 900 but the livery is so beautiful and would feet the FA50 perfectly 😃 link
  17. Thanks for always make it event better 😃
  18. Did you try this? I never had any flashing since It works fine for me on FA 50 P3Dv3: I changed value "0" instead of "1". and bugs were gone [SIM] OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0 Pascal
  19. I noticed that with the cabin shades extended I could see inside the cabin in spot view. I gess I should not 😉 P3Dv3 Pascal
  20. Hi P3Dv3 no bug to report so far (2 flights) New textures are very nice and warm 🙂 Wiper sound is great ! Thanks Pascal
  21. Whhhhoooaaaaaa !!!! 😜 Great job! what a difference Thank you so much Pascal
  22. Not a big deal but I would love to have an associated sound for the wipers. Pascal / P3Dv3
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