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  1. Completely understand, thanks for the reply and good to know its on the roadmap.
  2. Not sure if it falls within the scope of this product but seeing as the ground service vehicles are now included it would be a great enhancement/feature if at all possible. The blue chevrons used in MSFS 2020 to direct aircraft to/from parking completely ruin the immersion. Hoping it can be considered for future development 🤞
  3. Bought another 16GB for a total of 32GB - installed, made no difference, uninstalled and sent back for a refund.
  4. yes. works a treat. I have track-ir but prefer this as no need to stick anything on my head.
  5. Couldn't agree more, has made jets flyable for me with the extra fps. Asobo should make this a feature.
  6. For me the ideal solution is to use VR in a mixed reality mode using passthrough as shown here: https://varjo.com/products/xr-1/ (scroll down a bit to the flight sim video). This is perfect and the ideal solution imo as I can still interact in the normal way with all my cockpit hardware (MCP, EFIS, MIP, yoke, throttles etc.) yet benefit from the immersion of VR without all the hassle/expense/space for projectors and screens
  7. Still can't help feeling this is one incredible elaborate joke 😁... the leap forward from what we have today in so many aspects of the sim are simply unbelievable! Wondering if terrain will cast shadows? At 7:50 in the video where the time of day slider is demonstrated, the terrain shadows do not appear to change?
  8. Pretty sure in pics I saw from the Seattle event that the PCs were setup with Saitek yokes and throttle quadrants
  9. Pretty much the same setup for me also, and the same experience - no frame rate loss. The only limiter I have found to work with undocked panels on multiple screens is DxTory.
  10. Key things for me are: 1. Support for 3rd party hardware controllers e.g. Goflight modules 2. Realistic environment i.e. suitable numbers of planes, trains and automobiles that won't drive down frame rates too low 3. Smooth terrain transition - no mesh/texture popping as seen in p3d 4. Realistic 3D object draw distance - buildings and trees can be seen in the distance and do not pop into view 5. Volumetric clouds and smooth weather transitions
  11. Hi Nico, I'm writing an experimental data provider and I'm seeing the following in the logs: Connecting QNHReader to UDP port 49004 ... QNHReader connected Connecting TrafficReader to UDP port 49003 ... TrafficReader connected 20:57:44 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:57:52 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:58:00 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:58:06 No QNH? 20:58:08 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:58:16 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:58:24 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:58:32 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:58:36 No QNH? 20:58:40 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:58:48 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:58:56 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:59:04 ? Unhandled exception in processLine invalid stoul argument 20:59:06 No QNH? Do you know what might be the cause? thanks Darren
  12. sorry, I wasn't clear in my question - I meant does EF have any incremental FPS hit over and above SF + ASP4 - I was thinking more about the shaders aspect of it hmmm... interesting - I had gone the other direction with less frequent updates, but I see your logic
  13. A couple of questions for those already using EF to help decide whether to take the plunge: What kind of impact does EF have on FPS and GPU utilisation? I'm using SF + ASP4 and I do find that a cloud texture will suddenly pop in or out occasionally - does adding EF to the mix help eliminate this at all? thanks
  14. I have exactly the same hardware and am amazed at what performance I can get... flying the pmdg 737 ngx into Heathrow passing over EGLC (UK2000 payware), the city (FTX Global/Vector/OPENLC) and into EGLL (SimWings payware) in heavy rain/clouds (ActiveSky/Rex Skyforce) I can maintain a steady 35-40 fps resulting in an incredibly smooth approach. All of this whilst using 8xSSAA giving rock solid visuals without shimmering. Note that I don't use the VC as I have a home cockpit. So don't feel like you HAVE to upgrade your hardware, especially from day 1, you can adjust sliders to suit your hardware. You won't regret the upgrade IMO
  15. curbz

    RTSS, help?

    Don't give up! I use DxTory and it works like a charm. I run a projector for the outside view and 3 screens for all the instruments / displays. You can set whatever fps you like and it will limit the fps to this number without any halving or drop as you get with RTSS.
  16. I have a mix of 2D panels and undocked displays mounted on monitors behind facia. So PFD, ND and EICAS undocked displays, overhead and CDU are 2D panels both on separate touch screens as I can't afford these as hardware. I have EFIS, MCP, throttles, radios, captain/FO sixes, and the majority of the main panel as hardware.
  17. Sorry think I misunderstood, you want the bitmap panel, not just the instruments. You can indeed make your own, I have done this in the past but found it incredibly fiddly to position and scale the window/instruments, but certainly doable.
  18. Yes, all the FO panels are available, you can activate them from the view -> instruments menu if my memory serves me.
  19. Hi John, I had (have) a similar issue but for both engines. The reason was (is) that the thrust levers were not fully retarded to the idle position so reverse thrust would not engage. Take a look in the VC at the lever positions and see if maybe the problematic engine's thrust lever is not fully (and I really mean fully) retarded.
  20. Dominique, have you tried lowering the update interval for displays in the PMDG settings? I forget the exact option, but you can set the refresh from between 1 and 15 updates per second if I remember correctly, and reducing this value had a significant positive impact on my outside FPS.
  21. Yes VCs are great, but 2D panels are absolutely essential for cockpit builders like myself. Sitting in a hardware cockpit is more immersive than a VC, so please don't ever take them away PMDG! And to answer the OP, my experience with them is great.
  22. Whether there is a bug or not in the NGX, I and others are experiencing a problem, which I have not seen a resolution for - only workarounds employing the use of FSUIPC, and that is why I am here, asking the community as I have spent over a month looking at my system and configuration and can find nothing wrong. I know my hardware is sending the correct value to P3D and coupled with the fact that my system and configuration works for every other aircraft including PMDG's own 777 where I have no issue whatsoever cutting the throttles, indicates to me that there may well be an issue with the NGX and/or P3D. The problem only arose after upgrading P3D from 3.4 to 4.1 (clean uninstall/reinstall of everything) - my system or hardware did not change - only the PMDG and LM software. If the 777 works for me, I don't see why the NGX shouldn't.
  23. I agree, and I'm not using FSUIPC in regards to calibration or axis assignment. As mentioned in my previous post, I don't own the registered version which means none of these options are available to me anyway. I'm only using FSUIPC to read values from the sim to help diagnose the issue. I have properly calibrated 3 different controllers in an attempt to get this to work, first in Windows 10 and then in P3D. The result is the same. If they were not properly calibrated how would it be possible to repeatedly achieve the full throttle range whilst on the ground prior to take-off? According to FSUIPC, the sim is receiving the intended data: when my hardware throttle is in the idle position, offset 3330 (description: Throttle 1 Axis input value, post calibration, just before being applied to the simulation) has a value of zero which means it is at it's absolute minimum position, and, sending this value to the sim. The NGX, for whatever reason, is not responding to this once it has left the ground.
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