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  1. Oh that's interesting, definitely not OC then! I have some decent cooling, my 3600x runs at 28c~ the RTX 3080 Gaming X trio on the other hand, its piping at 70+ haha, but its always the CPU clock that get it, just cant run it much above a minimal clock in Fs2020, or all sorts of funky things happen.
  2. Are people reverting BIOS and clocks back to default and testing, because my system at OC CPU was throwing CTDs, but only in FS2020, BF5 and other titles were just fine.
  3. Remember we had the lights adjustment input for the CFG for FSX and FS9, "RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.0" wonder if there is some sort of CFG input to tune them?
  4. Just an update, everything is running great. In VR I'm seeing some weird light reflections at night? Anyone seen if this is a known bug?
  5. Ultra is a pleasure!! Amazing setting addition
  6. This is the same for me, I will investigate other aircraft but for now, its causing a CTD about 4/5th the way through load. If I remove it, it will load into sim no problem. There are no other mods in my community folder.
  7. You always welcome to disagree! I'm all for sensible debate, there is nothing wrong with hashing out differences in opinion. Ill try and maybe put some light onto what you said. I agree that the goalposts were moved and indeed it was touted as "this new platform for hardcore simmers" and I too was under the assumption it was PC only, maybe I missed something. I too upgraded my entire rig just for this so I'm in that boat too. Marketing these days I personally think is very disingenuous, everything is touted as the next best thing since sliced bread so I never really buy into the whole hype fully, in an age where people are throwaway consumers, things are very different to how they used to be and maybe not for the best! Its really easy to drive hype through social media and whip up an excitement frenzy, and I think this is exactly what has happened here, people got so excited and expectations missed the mark and like you said have gone backwards a little and goalposts moved and some people feel betrayed or mislead, and that's understandable. As I see it, even if its been dumbed down for more casual users, we still have a world full of amazing airports, decent planes, a phenomenal weather engine and complete world coverage of ortho, this is the first sim I've ever flown where I have literally looked out the window and though, my god this is amazing. It took years for FS9 and FSX to thrive into the platforms they did, and it would be easy to stomp my feet and have the I want it now attitude, ill persist with what they have given me and ill wait it out, I do have faith that it will turn into the sim we all want, whether that be from Asobo or from devs in the future. Time will indeed tell if it was the right strategy to sacrifice things for Xbox users and a broader userbase, and I just hope the CTDs and other bugs do get sorted so people can enjoy what we have right now without issues, because I accept that, without a stable sim, its no good to anyone. Luckily my version is stable and I'm not experiencing any of the issues other people are having so I consider myself lucky in that respect.
  8. I agree that maybe some changes were not required, and I think errors have been made but I do not condone the absolute slating and berating that Asobo has received and i think they are trying to act in our interest. True the PC gaming market is huge, I have been a PC gamer for over 20 years and have never owned a console, BUT flight sim is a niche genre just like rally simulation such as Ray Burns rally, nobody is downloading FS2020 like they do League of Legends or Cyberpunk etc. It could be possible that they cannot use two separate coded platforms due to time and resources and have had to work with what they have been given. maybe someone with more of a gaming dev background can clarify. I don't mean target you specifically, but lets be fair, there is an awful lot of toy throwing happening without stepping back and just looking at what they might be trying to do, even the best developers make errors and change games to the dismay of fans, it happens across many titles. Its complicated and I'm just grateful that they have brought us a fresh flight sim platform to use going into the future.
  9. I'm sorry, I've seen enough over the past week and I need to comment now. At the end of the day you are not going to sustain a project like FS2020 with a niche group of PC flight simmers, you cant have a flawless amazing simulation built just how a small subset of whining users want it with no compromise (And that's exactly what it is) a sim like that isn't made on the back of charity, it costs MONEY. sure there are mistakes and I'm sure they will work through them. There are significant development costs, the servers, and everything else that goers into producing a gaming title. This niche group of people (ie, us) paying $100 one time payment isn't going to cut it, they need the revenue to continue the support, that's just the compromise they are in and there needs to be give and take to accept a wider player base if you want a next gen sim. When you look at titles like Call of duty/Battlefield or series, the player base for development is already there enough to support it, they don't need to expand the user base to sustain development, your moaning about profit and bonus. Microsoft is a company, it has shareholders and when they embark on creating a new venture like this, there is a cost of capital outlay with a targeted return on investment, if they fail to meet this target, FS2020 will get canned, end of story. ring a bell? (FSX) unfinished and discarded. So before you start berating their strategy of trying to incorporate Xbox users into the equation, its to actually benefit us all in a round about way. Even if it doesn't feel like it right now to some of you. Flight sim isn't the glamourous FPS shooter genre that everyone wants so I applaud Asobo for trying to entice users into the genre to try and give this hobby a fighting chance. Whew, I need a lie down after that haha.
  10. Sounds about right, I don't know what the heck its doing.
  11. I had this, it was driving me crazy, I fixed it by removing all addons form community folder until it gets resolved.
  12. I've just found the file, dragged in onto desktop, then dragged it back in for an overwrite, so should be possible.
  13. theoretically...someone could send you the specific file and you can just pop it in and solve a lot of headaches. 😶
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