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  1. That's odd as I have no issues with road traffic, have you tried removing the preferences files and allowing xplane to make new ones?
  2. Spam3d

    Some advice on VR

    I run 1.5 supersample but run it through the occulus tray tool instead of steam. I also regularly fly zibo's 737 all around the place, i know its not the sharpest of images for the displays but ive never really had that much trouble with them, and m eager to see the improved 2nd gen! Ive fallen in love with the whole VR experience and cant wait until the hardware enables us to push clouds and traffic!
  3. Spam3d

    Can't set views anymore.

    Have exact same issue since a few patches ago, not found a solution as of yet
  4. I can confirm that oculus controllers are viewable in vr, would be good if they allow a laser pointer for some areas. I set the sim up where it runs about 100 FPS in normal mode, then switch to Vr, butter smooth, but then I get stutters and when I vacate Vr mode it then runs at about 35-40 FPS, can’t see why the performance is getting slammed when I come out of Vr
  5. Merry Christmas all! having a break from fixing real aircraft to fly some virtual ones that I've not had time for, oh and beer, plenty of beer!
  6. Ive been awaiting my oculus at Christmas, and was wondering if they would release it at Christmas as a treat! well done laminar! cant wait to try it out
  7. Thanks for the new mesh, looks amazing, not sure what links ive used to download but taking about 9 mins on average per area
  8. Spam3d

    A380 looses engine midfight

    It's interesting to note that the fancase is designed to absorb the energy of a blade release, not multiple releases or in this case the whole bloody thing detaching. It's common of people think that the engine has to contain a turbine or compressor disk failure but the energy levels in these ruptures are just too great to contain, it's very fortunate that the hub and blades went under the engine and not over or toward the fuselage
  9. I personally use blu fx, the colour saturation adjustments can get your xplane very vibrant
  10. Spam3d

    A380 looses engine midfight

    Nope not a Trent
  11. Spam3d

    A380 looses engine midfight

    I work mainly on GE90 engines but have some experience on these GP7 engines, looks like the Fan hub has sheared off taking with it all the fanblades and most of the fan case. Total speculation but could either be a fatigue crack but not so likely given the size and thickness of the fanhub itself, or possibly some sort of faliure in the bolts that fix the fan hub to the front bearing cone.
  12. Spam3d

    On The Fence... STILL

    No its not default, but you can get all them packages off the org in about 10 minutes...for free. The surrounding scenery is the default though
  13. Spam3d

    On The Fence... STILL

    KPHX KLAX Portland KSAN San Fransisco Area
  14. Spam3d

    Needs more sliders

    Yeah maybe I will make a suggestion or possibly they monitor this forum. Ah excellent!! I'll take a look at that, don't mind how I can adjust them
  15. Spam3d

    xp 11 clouds

    Look in the video description- • Clouds: HD clouds and LUA script by Murmur (see post #87 + #88 on this page:, optional try this link: You may find the link to the files has expired, you should find the files here