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  1. Brittfrog

    installation on fsx se

    ahhh reinstall to both! that was not made clear by the previous answer, thanks will give it a try
  2. Brittfrog

    installation on fsx se

    no, you misunderstood , i have it already in fsx , now i want to try it in fsx se on the same drive however you do not have a triple installer like aerosoft, how do i retain my fsx version of the ngx and install it on fsx se without losing the fsx version?
  3. Brittfrog

    installation on fsx se

    i want to install the ngx on fsx se however as i have both fsx and the SE edition on the same hard drive all my current installer wants to do is either remove or repair the fsx version. how do i get it to ignore the fsx entry?
  4. Aint no such thing as a free lunch! how long is the lifetime of the device????? I make it more than 5 years do you think they will still release updates for it in 20 years ? i dont think so! after all this is M.S. we are talking about . I also wish they would write their blogs in english not bablespeak
  5. Brittfrog

    Regretful purchases for FSX

    maybe I have had bad luck, but anything that I have bought from just flight, wilco and abacus, sadly ended in the bin, I also find that most Fighter a/c suit their name because you have to fight them to make them fly! and none that i have tried so far are anywhere close to being realistic strangely enough compared to others i got on alright with the cs757 given its limitations and it goes without saying that pmdg and orbyx have raised the bar a few notches.
  6. Brittfrog

    New FSX user interface

    well done after 4 years (or is it more?) of the same old interface this makes a refreshing change You do realise that you will now have to make a new one in 6 months time