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  1. Neither from the list. My most anticipated sceneries are EYKA and EYPA.
  2. Noticed EnvTex has now special effect as well. Does anyone know which effects interfere with the ones from precipitFX? I'm guessing it's touchdown, contrails, wing vortexes, but wonder if there are more.
  3. Still no tropopause altitude... Really hoped they would add this feature back in...
  4. Yup. Though I wonder why tiles are mismatched. Oh well, that's a topic for a different thread...
  5. Anyone encountered this issue near RWY 19/25R (random hills)? FTX thingy already applied. Maybe Free Mesh is acting up... There are some landmarks placed around, though that ground texture looks random... Maybe there is something wrong with my sim... Also, it seem that there is no Atomium.
  6. Just an FYI, JustSim has another sale on SimMarket, and EBBR is already discounted! Gonna grab this one for sure!
  7. How the hell do you post gifs in this place...
  8. Could be Active Sky for X-Plane 11, as they have said they have plans for it.
  9. I own both birds - A320 by FSL and A320/321 by AS. Originally, I waited for AS Bus, but delay after delay I finally got tired of waiting and bought FSL A320. The single most expensive add-on I have any bought to any game. Made a 160 Euro hole in my pocket, and in the end, it was worth it! The details, the sounds, the system simulation. Just after “sitting” in it for 20 minutes I realized this plane is gonna be something. And after doing a few flights I was very impressed with it. And upcoming update will make this plane only better! However, one downside – FPS. Of course, FPS! It’s no surprise though, it is a complex add on to run. This was the reason I bought AS Bus later… and was disappointed right away… I know, I know, it’s designed for different purposes, to simulate normal operations only. And yet I can use only one COM for example. In all my planes I use first COM for airport/approach, and second for center. This is something I got accustomed to. And I cannot do that it AS Bus. Exterior model also leaves a lot to be desired from, as well as mediocre sounds and VC. VC textures are fine by themselves, but the font size on DUs and FCU… Just rubs me the wrong way. I could probably look pass this if AS Bus had good performance. Not joking. AS Bus on my rig runs slightly better than FLS Bus, and worse than NGX/Q400… Therefore, despite its price, I think FSLabs Bus is a worth addon. Expensive, but worthy. Even if one doesn’t need any failures and such, deeper A/C simulation just makes the plane more enjoyable to "fly."
  10. This is my Monday ritual - to check sales on Sim Market/Aerosoft websites 😄 Looking at the current poll results, I guess I will be getting Aerosoft/SimWings version.
  11. As per topic description, having hard time choosing between three different sceneries - LatinVFR, JustSim, Aerosoft/SimWings (which is on sale right now BTW, hence the topic). Went through previous topics, but could not receive a definitive answer, maybe this time around there will be more luck 🙂 And now, the most important thing: EDIT: added poll for convenience.
  12. I always fly offline using default ATC. It's good enough for my needs, and when it starts to talk nonsense, I can always ignore it. Prefer offline flying as the areas I fly most of the time don't have any coverage, and when they do it's at a specific time and date, which is very restricting, as I prefer to fly when I "feel like it" or have free time available. With offline flying this is hard to combine, so I don't even bother.
  13. I guess I will have to try this as well.
  14. Ditto. That and also by buying Envshade you don't pay money to Matt Davies 😛
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