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  1. Please don‘t also forget the other countries like your own 😡
  2. Did just test the 747-400 at Mallorca. My VRAM is at 7.4/9.1 GB at 4K resolution. I get awesome 44fps at ground. Addons: LEPA MK Studios ORBX ACTIVE SKY (7/8 cumulus) My System: I7 8700k @5ghz 16GB DDR4 RAM Gigabyte RTX 2080TI (11GB)
  3. Thank you all for your comments! I did just buy the FS Labs. And yes it is brilliant 😀
  4. On weekend I bought the FSLabs A320. It‘s not yet compatible but by far the best plane I ever bought. I have PMDG 747 and 777 but this Airbus is just a dream. I would recommend you to buy what you like and just wait for the P3D V5 Update. Don‘t just buy what is already compatible. regards
  5. Hi all, which of those planes would you more recommend? Regards Marco
  6. Besides that there is another official recommendation, was anyone of you able to merge the PMDG 777 to P3D V5? And is there any risk for the license in trying it out? Thanks and regards Marco
  7. Yes, me. Only thing that currently not works is the labeling on the cars (e.g. Lufthansa,...) But they are aware of it.
  8. I´m really impressed by V5. It is so smooth, even with Majestic Dash, ORBX, Big City (Paris) and Addon Airport I have minimum 40fps with sliders to the right on a 4k Monitor. Never had that with P3D V4. 😃 I7 8700k Gigabyte RTX 2080TI 11gb 16 GB of RAM
  9. Have the same, also around trees, when clouds are touching them. Looks horrible. 😵
  10. It´s ORBX Innsbruck Scenery 🙂
  11. Another one in Innsbruck... (Link to full resolution picture)
  12. Maybe better in full resolution (see link above) 😅
  13. Bonsoir de Paris 🙂 See full resolution picture here
  14. Same here, right before the end. Installing "Prepar3D V5 Scenery" since 10 minutes.
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