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  1. Just what I like. Engm-Urss with a 777 and on top of that. In Martinair Cargo out of all
  2. Larvik74


    That you can do also. I just drag the mouse over all the files starting with Autosave and hit the shift+delete buttons
  3. Larvik74


    It also might be a good ide to delete all the unnecessary files that FSUIPC saves in example \Fsx\PMDG\PMDG777\Panelstate folder. It can be lots of thousands of files based on how often you save your flights. I have standard that I clean of those files everytime I have been finish with a flight.
  4. Tusen takk for at sjø og hav ble langt mer realistisk til deg Henry og resten av teamet :smile: ( I was saying thank you to Henry and the team on norwegian about this add-ons where sea really comes to life) :smile:
  5. Larvik74


    Air Hauler is a nice software. But I would wait for a moment because Air Hauler 2 is under development/beta testing right now. It will bring more fun into flying cargo.
  6. Larvik74


    That I can recommend to read either you use P3D or FSX. Very good guide you have made there David ^_^
  7. Larvik74


    True about what Danny F says about res 1024. Turning of autogen also helps you to not get OOM. I have been flying 10-15 hours leg between heavy airports like FlyTempa EKCH, VHHH, NL-2000 EHAM etc. etc. with FTX Vector, Global, Open LC Europe etc without having OOM problems with the 777. Just now I'm over Chad Africa from Rio to Dubai and I started with 2,8 GB in virtual memory in use in Rio and right now it's on 2,6 GB in use. So take a look on your settings. Turning of scenery you don't be landing on also helps. On final approch and you starting to hear OOM pling warning from FSUIPCS, switch to full screen (Alt-Enter) if you are in window mode, This reduce about 200 of virtual memory and can save your landing.
  8. Is it normal that if I select "Force Landing Runway" to L22 and 22R that AI traffic land and take off on RW 4L and 4R on EKCH? Fantastic great software btw.
  9. OOM and problem with FPS in FSX-SE with tons of add-ons like PMDG, Active Sky Next, ORBX-FTX scenery's like Global, Vector FTX regions, etc etc? Is it a problem if I have FPS about 50-80 in the cockpit No OOM what so ever? I have a really good time now then I had in FS9 and FSX box edition. No problem at all!!!! Now these days it's actually fun to fly all over the earth either I fly PMDG 737 or 777, the FSX-SE runs like hell without problem. To me it's no returning back to either FS2004 or FSX. I think to much focus on the tweaking is the problem and it's true about what they say. Fix it until it's broken!!!
  10. My tip is that it happen under decent and you forget to push your throttle stick on YOUR joystick all the way back right before T/D. Menu ---> PMDG Setup ---> Option ---> Simulation ---> Page 2/7 What is A/T Manual overdrive says there Flyinpinappel? "In hold mode only" means you have to pull back your throttle on your joystick before T/D. "Never" means that A/T overdrives what your throttle on your stick says and you don't have to remember that you have to pull back right before T/D (works just like in PMDG 737-NGX).
  11. The best thing to save flights is let the FSUIPC do it for you automatic. I let FSUIPCS do it for me every 15 minute and I have never problem with that except that I always have to delete all the files expept the 3 last ones with the same filenames in the PMDG/777/PanelState folder. But always before I shut down FSX to reload it again, I set in FMC PMDG Setup Startup State to that file you are goeing to start up again from. I hope that was some help in that. Good luck
  12. I only know that it did helps me with some of my scenery elevation problem like this one.
  13. Open FTX Sentral ---> Settings ---> FTX Global Vector Configuration tool ---> Airport Elevation Correction. Press Run Auto Configuration and see if that helps
  14. Type %appdata% in the search in the windows start menu. Then you open the folder named Roaming and then you go to the folder named Microsoft and then folder named FSX. There you should find a notepad file named fsx.cfg that you cut (not copy) and put on your desktop on your computer. Start FSX. FSX will now rebuild a new fsx.cfg fil for you and reset all settings to defult. If your FSX still crash when you start FSX, then you better remove one of the last add-ons you installed into your fsx right before your fsx startet to crash.
  15. On my 2600K I run 1,382 V on 4,7 GHZ and the system shows max temp about 51 to max 56 under heavy load. It have been stable sience 2012 when I was building my rig. Paul.
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