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  1. No it's not... just slow (to be expected)... Downloading at 120 KB/s on a 120Mbps link Congratulations on the release PMDG! Captain you are running a tight ship!
  2. va3fyc

    flaps 5 instead of 15?

    Great, thanks! Looking forward to 1.1
  3. va3fyc

    flaps 5 instead of 15?

    Is it just my FO executing Flaps 5 when I ask for Flaps 15? DSP displays "flaps 15" correctly on the green bar so no "misunderstanding" there. Thanks Florin
  4. va3fyc

    Disappearing Joystick Settings

    John is right, FSUIPC is the way to go. 8.1. here Florin
  5. Merry Christmas to you and the whole PMDG team!
  6. va3fyc

    Active Sky Next with the 777!

  7. va3fyc

    Active Sky Next with the 777!

    Same here... Just finished a 14 hour+ non stop flight from KLAX to YSSY in the 777, absolutely awesome experience. Frame rate was excellent (high 20s to low 30s), ASN beautifully complemented my REX HD+OD textures running alongside Aivlasoft EFB, FS Captain and REX Latitude, with Ultimate Terrain X, UT2 at 80%, GEX. Upgraded from AS2012 - ASN is definitely a must! Hope this helps someone Florin
  8. va3fyc

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    I'd say about 20% better than the NGX so far