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  1. I notice that there is an un-install entry in the Windows registry, so it appears that the days of X-Plane addons not touching the Windows registry are over. This may (or may not) have something to do with it. There is also a lot of stuff which I believe they have done outside of the X-Plane engine - this may well need to be coded differently for different O/S's. Of course this is pure conjecture on my part - what do I know anyway? :wink: FWIW, the IXEG 737b also has an uninstall entry - to date, these two are the only such occurrences that I have ever seen.
  2. Really beautiful piece of software craftsmanship. Worth every cent IMHO. Huge fun - especially that active co-pilot doing all the learning-curve work! Please continue creating aircraft for X-Plane.
  3. I refer particularly to: 5 "Plusartickel" published in German in FS Magazin between 2013 and 2015 (X-Plane-Reiseführer!) ; XP10 Travel Guide - 4821 nm across the Sea; Various product reviews in PC Pilot Many posts in different forums (including here at AVSIM) commenting, correcting and presenting a balanced adult view. You have no doubt also produced other stuff which I haven't come across yet. I don't think you need to be shy about starting a regular blog - you write well in both English and German and I am sure you have achieved quite a following - there are so many who write either nonsense, or simply re-hash press releases - IMHO you have always written worthwhile stuff. I repeat... I, for one, would be delighted if you started a regular "big" blog.
  4. Mario, For a long time I have followed your writings, reviews and comments with great respect. I, for one, would love to read a regular blog written by you. If you are worried about coming across as being biased, a simple disclaimer up front is all you need.
  5. I just watched one of the videos - this looks amazing . If they are wondering if they will ever recover their time in sales income, I really hope they make a wonderful profit because sure looks like it will be well worth whatever they ask for it. They can definitely count on me as a customer.
  6. Scroll with mousewheel is best imho. Of the options asked for, click and hold is better than click and drag
  7. I'm quite a fan of Mike Ray's books on flying airliners. In his earlier books he has clearly indicated that MSFS is the way to go for airliner simulations and not X-Plane. In his more recent books, however, he hasn't mentioned X-Plane either negatively or positively at all. I hope this upcoming IXEG will change his mind because I would love to use an updated version of his handbooks based on the X-Plane platform. Of course, if IXEG would work together with Mike and release the Aircraft together with a dedicated book written by Mike, that would be absolutely brilliant. There is the usual impatience that is common to flightsim hobbyists when a really promising add-on is soon to be released, but I must admit that while I would love to see an early release, deep down I prefer the IXEG philosophy of getting this done properly the first time. From what I have seen and read, it looks like this will be a superb piece of software engineering.
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