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  1. Pro ATC exports the flightplan so you can import it via the Co-Route functionality of the PMDG FMS. Should work also for Aerosoft Airbus, iFly 737 NG, 747 v2, QualitiyWings and Wilco-Falcon 7.
  2. Can I use it with UTLive then so that I have more models and liveries integrated in UTLive and less Daedelus Aircraft?
  3. The problem with DeskPilot is the lack of FMC sync. So both pilots have to do exactly the same inputs to keep their state synced. If you could create a way to make the 737 work like the Q400 (from a shared cockpit perspective) it would be absolutely awesome.
  4. Hello all, what are your settings in ActiveSky (especially Cloud Draw Distances and Visibility Options) to a) have it realistic (Am I right that these settings should be different in winter/summer?) b) have it good looking? I am currently using the default values but I think that other values can create even better effects, although it really looks great already. If someone is happy with his settings and could share them, this would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Yes! Must-buy for me, shared cockpit for the 737NGX would be the most amazing experience I could imagine. Please do it! :)
  6. Set your traffic in your simulator to 0 and spawn at a big Airport (like EDDF), wait a few moments and see if there are any other planes at the other gates.
  7. Hi, several users have some kind of connection problem to the VFX servers as you can see on the other recent threads.
  8. Same here. Germany too. If it only affects us, maybe some kind of routing problem?
  9. Same here. Probably somebody unplugged their servers.
  10. You forgot one aspect, the Aerosoft Airbus is capable of Sharing-Cockpit, which makes it a no-brainer for me when it comes out since there are so few addons that have it.
  11. VOXATC should be working with P3Dv4 now, too. Did not try it yet, but read many good things about it.
  12. Hello all, I recently decided to do a clean Windows install on my PC and now I am asking, whether to install the MS FSX or the FSX-Steam version for my new installation. Previously I only used the MS Gold (I own the Steam version though) and was neither happy nor unhappy and now I am not sure which version works better at the moment. I'm on Windows 10, my addons I will reinstall are: -OrbX Global -OrbX OpenLC Europe -ASN -GSX -PMDG 737 NGX -UT2 -Some smaller scenery/aircraft addons Is it advised to install the Steam Edition as it is newer and potentially still getting updates or is the MS version working better with the addons? Or doesn't it matter at all? Thanks in advance! Eric
  13. I could uninstall and completely reinstall the NGX without entering the activation code. Also wasn't asked for it when loading the plane.
  14. Had exactly the same problem last night, but I downloaded it with full speed just an hour ago, not sure where the problem was. Maybe just try it again later.
  15. FSX-MS

    Ah, sorry for being blind. Thank you!