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  1. I have many other addons and ALL of them sent me activation codes via email! Why RC Sim communicate via phone?!
  2. I had a pc crash and i re-install everything because my backup disk killed by windows 10. So i want a registration code. I sent them email from voxatc.com and today from rcsimulations.com Still waiting...
  3. Hello, I just want to ask when VoxAtc answer emails sent through their website? I sent them 2 emails about reactivation of the app a week ago and still no reply from them. Thanks.
  4. Just to inform other FSX players that maybe read this post, commenting the panel.cfg worked perfect and i have FS2Crew for 747-8i too! 😊
  5. I understand but it's not possible even if i stop using some windows like zoomed ones? We did that on previous pmdg planes for fs passengers to work!
  6. No FS2Crew for PMDG 747-8 for FSX???!!! If i knew it i wouldn't buy the extension from PMDG. Very sad... :(
  7. I purchased too from their site and i found my order but there is no registration code there. They sent it to me today via email. This is their way. What to say...
  8. When i purchased v7.4 they send me the registration code by email. It's a weird procedure because all other 3rd party softwares have a serial number in the purchase receipt. I can't find this old email.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know how to get again the registration code when reinstalling VoxAtc? I sent an email to carol@rcsimulations.com before 2 days and i hav no response from them!
  10. So i just change this setting only huh? OK! Thankssss! I updated to Windows 10 and it keeps install new drivers I updated NVI to 2.13 and couldn't import my win 7 DX10 profile.
  11. Hello, Do someone has latest Nvidia Inspector settings please? Steve it would be great if you update these settings because i still have the old ones! I have LOTS of shimmering! Thanks!
  12. OK thanks for the tip Bryan! Will do PS: Red button (secondary) not work. I did exactly what the manual says and assign a keyboard button too to see if it works but it doesn't. Main button though works fine. With PMDG MD-11 and PMDG 747 the red button works fine.
  13. Congrats Bryan! You rock! It was the damn antivirus! Without any warning it blocked THIS particular file to be executed because it saw it like a threat! So everything OK! Update installed succesfully! Big thanks man!
  14. I had Bitdefender Antivirus on. OK i'll disabled it and do the base and update installation again. PS: I had installed the update when i was on windows 7. I had also Wx500 radar. All worked fine with win 7. When i upgrade to win 10 weather radar didn't work and i started to uninstall and reinstall all about J41 (pmdg, fs2crew and radar). Radar still don't work and i uninstalled it completely. But i need the fscrew update.
  15. My UAC is disabled. I've located the file and its extension is .gau Only the message tells me that it cannot open the file with the extension .$$A Maybe i'll send you a ticket.
  16. Thanks for your fast reply Bryan! That's why i buy all your products because of your exceptional support! Now I did all what you said but still nothing. I uninstall and reinstall both the aircraft and fs2crew (v1.0 first) and still i can't install the update. I don't know if it helps but the file's end is .gau and not .$$A
  17. Hello Bryan! I have a little prob when i try to install v2.2 a box says: "FS2Crew: PMDG Update 2.2 has not been totally installed because of the following reason: Cannot open the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FS2Crew2010\Versions\Jetstream\Gauges\FS2CrewPMDGJ41.$$A" What am i doing wrong? Thanks!
  18. Unfortunately ATI is not for DX10. I tried everything and can't get a shimmer-free image and the most important i have stutters even with min settings. This year I'll go for an upgrade with nvidia in my system because as i can see only these guys seem to be happy with DX10.
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