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  1. Can I disclose that I have not recieved confirmation? 🤣 .... 😠
  2. Can I ask how the A320 sounds are? Unfortunately the video doesn't feature them. I am trying to convert my own sounds via the TUTORIAL - Custom engine sounds, but am having zero luck. I am specifically interested in how the engines sound from the cockpit. Thanks guys
  3. Would i be correct in thinking that Orbx Trueearth UK already has extended night lighting, so i dont require this for the UK? Thanks
  4. Will Steam update it automatically? Sorry. Am still a newcomer to ASF2
  5. Great news, thanks! Will have to buy Florida DLC. Do you think ORBX are aware of this? Hope they can do something like this with upcoming TrueEarth GB.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Can you tell me how to update? I see nothing in Steam.
  7. I cannot wait for this. What a superb simming experience Aerofly provides. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Hi Guys I am just getting into native VR on X Plane 11 with Oculus Rift. In terms of set-up, what are you using? I have all sliders to far left and performance is passable, with the odd jitter. I can get about 60 FPS in non-VR no problem like this. I have seen YouTube videos that talk about Oculus Tray Tool, adding LUA scripts etc. My question is, should I bother with this? Isn't ASW 45 fps etc. built in? Why would I have to set this externally. I remember FlyInside had this as standard when I flew VR on P3D. Surely with X-Plane 11 native VR I should be able to use it straight out of the box. I have CPU - i7-6700K and GPU GTX 970. Thanks in advance.
  9. Great shots. How is your performance here? My frames are poor with the FF a320. At medium settings and an aerosoft airport I will get about 20fps. Let alone adding Ortho and X Europe... 😠
  10. Can't use the mouse?! Damn. I don't have the hand controllers and don't want them either...
  11. Any guidance on how to activate it? I downloaded the beta. When I put on my googles I get the oculus home screen. Thanks
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