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  1. I posted this over at the Aerosoft forums but never got any replies so I'll have a go here and see if anyone else has this issue. The green centerline lights and the red stop bar lights at ENTO using Aerosofts Torp - Sandefjord X v1.02 are almost invisible. At high angles I can see them barely flickering through the taxiway texture. I have spent a lot of time trying to find a fix for this, but I'm almost ready to write this off as the scenery not being 100% compatible with P3D v3.3.5. It's not marked as P3D v3 compatible so that might very well be the case. It's a minor issue for sure, but it kind of bugs me a little since everyting else works like a charm :smile: I have tried everyting I can think of, disabled all the FTX stuff, fiddled with every setting imaginable.. So, any one else seen this or know of a fix? I'll see about posting a screen or two once I get off work and get home .
  2. Wonderful shots. Do I actually see a nuke going off in the last two? o.O
  3. Stunning shots. Love them. Your shader settings are great
  4. Great shots again. My banjo playing in the background reference from your other post works even better here. Fits better with the canoes and all
  5. I can almost hear the banjos playing in the background. Hoping at least a few get the reference Great shots
  6. As you can see I kind of like this aircraft. Not the most advanced plane in the sim-world, but I find it fun to fly and I think it looks awesome :wub:
  7. kingm56 is quite right, HighBypass This is P3D v3.3.5 (+ quite a few addons and tweaks) and the CLS/Just Flight DC-10 Collection HD 10-40
  8. Nice plane and great shots. I really should take my Phenom out of the hangar for a spin soon..
  9. Nice collection of shots there
  10. The DC-10-10F, quite a bit bigger than what I'm used to flying. Had to move from my usual base at Torp (ENTO) because the runway there is a bit short for my liking in this plane.It's a beast :blink:
  11. Cool shots of a lovely aircraft. Me like :smile:
  12. Short Air Hauler job from Sandefjord, Norway down the western coast of Sweden to Halmstad. Clear skies all round Thank you for viewing
  13. This is a part of the world I've never flown in. Should work my way down there some day. Thanks for the shots
  14. Thanks guys @HighBypass : Was lucky with that landing gear shot. My favorite so far. Makes a great wallpaper :wink:
  15. Wow! That looks amazing.. One more thing added to my ever growing list of stuff to purchase :Big Grin:
  16. Good stuff. I know what I'll be doning when I get off work today :smile:
  17. That is some beautiful scenery right there. Love it :wub:
  18. Wow that looks great! Very nice shot
  19. Trying out some new shader settings. Took these during a short hop across southern Norway in the Aerosoft Airbus 319 (ENTO to ENZV)
  20. Thanks everyone I'll see about posting som more soon. I kind of messed up my shaders, so I'm in the process of getting everything back the way I want it. Time consuming work ^^
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