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  1. Andrej

    Aerosoft MEGA airport series 25% off!

    Thanks! I will get the Frankfurt. :) Cheers,
  2. Andrej

    Aerosoft MEGA airport series 25% off!

    Thanks for the information. Is Prague and Frankfurt V2 compatible for P3Dv3? Their website states v2 only...hence I would like to make sure.
  3. Andrej

    747-400F(ERF) routes ?

    Michael, I know of ASL Airlines (TNT Cargo), CAL Cargo Airlines, Cargolux, Martinair Cargo, Atlas Air, UPS. For most part, finding 744F flights is quite easy (for these airlines). ASL Airlines (TNT Cargo) flies daily between KJFK and EBLG (Liege) + many others. CAL Cargo flies to KFJK, EBLG, LLBG,LCLK and other interesting destinations. Cargolux is a major global player. Martinair Cargo is another major global player. Centurion Air Cargo Atlas Air UPS - you need to check their website and track their fleet. Cheers,
  4. On the topic of trim settings. IIRC, trim should be set to 6 points after landing, as this is its 'neutral' position. Setting up trim for departure should be done before startup, after HYD DEM PUMPS are in AUTO/AUX position. Cheers,
  5. Andrej

    Istanbul departure xp11

    Is this default scenery? Nice shots!
  6. Thanks for the information, great find! I will get the YSSY copy. Just wondering, what is the occasion? New versions coming up seems unlikely as they have announced KLAS as their next project. It seems to be offered by SimMarket only.
  7. Andrej


    Nice shots. Is this XP?
  8. Andrej

    Put FO ND on lower EICAS?

    From my understanding that is the case. "CRT" label remains. LCDs with CRT label Another, better, view.
  9. Sorry to nitpick, but would not be the #4 (and in some instances the #1 as well) pump be in AUX position? Cheers,
  10. It's a good book, and helps you with the flows. If there is only one 'issue' (if I may call that), it is mostly UAL procedures and there are few typos that I have noticed. Having said that, I own this book, refer to it quite a lot, and I can only recommend getting it. :) I am certain, that any 'serious' simmer (i.e. PMDG owner -> 747-400 aficionado) should go for it. I would love to buy the real-world manuals, but it that is an impossible task. Cheers,
  11. Andrej

    Thrust Decrease After Takeoff

    I believe that our friend, QAvion2, has already inquired him about that. Cheers,
  12. I am definitely getting this copy. Now only if the First Lady was modeled.... Oh man, I used to bike from Bethesda to that spot. I still remember when it was RWY18! They still allow it (well they did in 2008). That place (Gravelly Point) is very popular with locals, hence it would be hard for the authorities to close it (but anything is possible). Miss the good old times!
  13. Andrej

    Thrust Decrease After Takeoff

    As per his post (first page): Cheers, Andrej Lippay
  14. Hey Rob, surely others with better knowledge will be able to provide you with further detail, but be aware that not every operator opted for the taxi light switch. There are 744s flying around without this feature. For example, Air France frames come to mind. Given the fact that N451PA was ordered by GECAS (747-46NF) where 46NF is Boeing's customer code for GE Capital Aviation (GECAS), I would not be surprised that they have opted not to use it. EDIT: Another airline that have not installed this switch was Air New Zealand (-419). Cheers, Andrej