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  1. That's a nice promo video ^ thanks for sharing. Okay, but this system is suppose to be more easy going on the graphics by its nature, but will see how it will develop. It is still in the early stages.
  2. The volume of the clouds looks good; a nice improvement, the clouds look a bit like those REX soft clouds, which are also very nice. With REX soft clouds however, they act as low level clouds, you still get the more sharper clouds with big outlines. REX soft clouds don't replace everything. Is it me or do the clouds by TrueSky look a little unclear? like clouds with less sharpness? as if only a bit of auto focus was missing? They lack a bit of that contour. Here is an example: Picture source: Simul product page Picture source: Active Sky Cloud Art product page What do you guys think?
  3. Craig could you share the exact fuel and payload for me to do the same test with the 0-20 kts... I too am noticing a long delay there but I am not sure if I have exactly the same weights and fuel... please share the values, and I will test. I got around to installing the DA42 in P3D now and would like to try this. Are you using the default P3D Fuel and Payload window?
  4. Thank you CoolP, I appreciate the help!
  5. rgr that Hopefully updates will fix some of the things being mentioned in this thread... looks like more things are being discovered, just reading the post from M.Carter, that's a lot of interesting feedback! Please report this to Alabeo, maybe the small things they can still fix. I would like to just point out that I am not using this aircraft in P3D (yet). I cannot get the autopilot on in the virtual cockpit by mouse, but I can control it with keyboard commands, any idea? Is this a bug?
  6. Could you elaborate on this? Are you reporting these bugs to Alabeo? Please feel free to share
  7. Thanks guys, I thought METAR too, not sure if MET is the abbreviation of METAR. METAR is already such a short word. I am using FSX mainly, but a little P3D too. CoolP, I assume you mean the DA42 right? Thanks for asking. So far I am really liking it, the attention to detail in design and modern features that were introduced in this aircraft. And you?
  8. In the Checklist for Normal Operating Procedures what does MET mean in MET, NAV, mass and balance? Thank you for for any replies.
  9. Thank you for your visit

  10. Also like the smoke of the Extra should be white and is showing black, with some bits in white of the person I am flying with:
  11. In Prepar3D I seem to be missing some effect because irregardless of what aircraft I choose I get black smoke, sometimes these look like larger squares flying around, when I zoom in. The effect I am talking about is the smoke when landing, braking hard, etc. Is this a bug of Prepar3D or is something wrong?
  12. Very nice, thank you for sharing!
  13. If you do wish to uninstall REX Essentials + Overdrive, uninstall "REX Overdrive" then REX Essentials Plus... the updates that you probably installed updated individual files but did not create new entries in the add/remove list of Programs and there is no update that needs to be uninstalled. I uninstalled the two separate things in that order and it seems to be completely uninstalled. The only remaining files in the REX folder are backups, log and files and temp files. You can then remove this folder or keep those files if need/you wish. The backup folder contains your saved texures. You can also restore the textures before uninstalling, to get back the standard FSX textures, then later in REX4 create a new set of backup files. Hope this helps!
  14. I am also curious to discover the improvements over REX Essentials Plus Overdrive. So far I have read and seen some improvements, convincing me to purchase the upgrade but I will find out more, as I test REX4! Look forward to hearing what you guys are finding out. Sent via mobile
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