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  1. ILS signal switched from the correct runway to another one. Flaps have nothing to do with it.
  2. Try pushing CLR button, if not working, check this page. https://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a92/dll_xml-information-and-troubleshooting.aspx
  3. Can you point out some rading on this topic? Curiuos case.
  4. So you say it makes a turn with autopilot already off? By most SOP you must turn autopilot off not sooner than MDA minus 50'. Especially it's important for backcourse approach, when you have to overfly localizer, at this point signal is lost, because LOC doesn't beam upwards (maybe there is some protection in real autopilot, which willl force the plane to keep wings level). "Just before the touchdown" AP disengagement will be right in this zone, so fly manually earlier. IIRC NGX is disengaging autopilot automatically at 100RA for IAN approch, which is also too late. Have flown BC approach many times, the only problem I don't have FD's. Ryan said they fixed the bug in 2012, hopefully we'll get the update someday.
  5. The digit color and font were changed in SP1c to red and there is no option to get the blue back, except to install earlier version.
  6. Even if FMS not used for navigation, it's nice to have performance data calculations and not to have EGPWS warning. It doesn't take long to edit airports.dat (by ascending latitude) and wpnavapt.dat (same order as airports.dat). http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a60/pmdg-navdata-glossary.aspx
  7. On the ALTERNATE DESTS page enter EDDM and select missed approach. In TRIP ALT window you'll see your optimal altitude. It may vary from 13622. LOC26 is the most used, 737 can comply with its requirements. LOCR26 has RNAV go-around procedure for low performance aircraft. RNV26 is fully RNAV procedure for low performance aircraft. This last two procedures require special authorization from eurocontol.
  8. Did you made any changes on PERF INIT page? Have you executed it after that? In normal ops you lower flaps according to flap extension schedule. Can be found in FCTM page 36. Normally it would be 200-210kt. You not supposed to drop speed to yellow minimum maneuvering speed for flap extension. It can be done only in NNP like overweight landing. "Auto" position is correct. That's probably a bug and you should submit a ticket.
  9. In which position do you have REF SPD selector (above upper DU) set?
  10. Right, this thingy sets IDLE A/T mode. Just too lazy to check docs for airplane which wasn't modeled on very high level for FSX.
  11. Why floating? If you leave thrust levers at climb gate, thrust will be actually at idle, but autobrake and ground spoilers won't work.
  12. Just for info: on Airbus "retard" callout is initiated at 10' while flying on autopilot and on 20' when flying manually. It's only a reminder as there is no servos on thrust levers of Airbus.
  13. One week ago have seen real world TC-JHL, but only ater your repaint I realized how much details its livery consist of. Thank you for your hard job!
  14. http://www.precisionmanuals.com/pages/downloads/liveries.html
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