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  1. You need to enter average ISA over descent. You can get airport one by calculating from METAR. Either inHg or hPa is accepted.
  2. ILS signal switched from the correct runway to another one. Flaps have nothing to do with it.
  3. Try pushing CLR button, if not working, check this page. https://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a92/dll_xml-information-and-troubleshooting.aspx
  4. Can you point out some rading on this topic? Curiuos case.
  5. So you say it makes a turn with autopilot already off? By most SOP you must turn autopilot off not sooner than MDA minus 50'. Especially it's important for backcourse approach, when you have to overfly localizer, at this point signal is lost, because LOC doesn't beam upwards (maybe there is some protection in real autopilot, which willl force the plane to keep wings level). "Just before the touchdown" AP disengagement will be right in this zone, so fly manually earlier. IIRC NGX is disengaging autopilot automatically at 100RA for IAN approch, which is also too late. Have flown BC approach many times, the only problem I don't have FD's. Ryan said they fixed the bug in 2012, hopefully we'll get the update someday.
  6. The digit color and font were changed in SP1c to red and there is no option to get the blue back, except to install earlier version.
  7. Even if FMS not used for navigation, it's nice to have performance data calculations and not to have EGPWS warning. It doesn't take long to edit airports.dat (by ascending latitude) and wpnavapt.dat (same order as airports.dat). http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a60/pmdg-navdata-glossary.aspx
  8. Both master F/D and autopilot must be choosen for PF's side. Because when you select autopilot it sets the FD on a corresponding side as a master. So if flying as FO - you use FD B and AP B. Two FCCs are calculating flight path differently using their own sensors and flight computers, thus their data might mismatch sometimes. And you don't want captain and FO FDs to show different things, so master-slave logic is used, where slave just "copies" the master FD guidance. However, on approach, probably due to safety reasons, slave FD requires its own nav radio to be set for ILS frequency, otherwise it will not show GS. That is because on automatic approach both FDs become masters and the GS data is compared between them and only if tolerances on and between both the FDs are met, autoland would be available.
  9. When you capture G/S, AT switches to speed mode, setting the bug at current speed.
  10. I had this problem. Ryan and some other members found out that you have to remove "aircraft stress causes damage" tick in realism settings. I'd better wouldn't mess with aircraft.cfg.
  11. That is pitch limit indicator. Never exceed it in order not to stall the plane. For such kinds of questions try to look through FCOM volume 2, Flight instrument, display section.
  12. You had GREEN single channel indication. This means autopilot uses FMC to build the glidepath. And it's followed accordingly to barometric altimeter and it seems you haven't the pressure it correctly. That is why you have the miss of 100'. And the same for course: you can see that you have FAC instead of LOC, it just uses coordinates to guide you. This was caused because you were tuned to VOR, located 130nm away, no chance it could get the glideslope. I see lots of mistakes and highly recommend you to fly the tutorial. Though 777 and 737 have some differences - 777 can auto tune and automatically couples the autopilots, when 737 have integrated approach navigation (ILS-like non-presicion approach) - you should be familiar with FMA indications, however you didn't pay attention to them same as many other many procedures which are similar to both aircrafts. According to the problem of misalignment - couldn't answer because haven't seen you flying ILS. But I think you were always doing IAN and, as it have navigation performance same as FMC (like 0.05nm) it could get you side of the runway.
  13. Already on sp list - http://forum.avsim.net/topic/368040-vertical-speed-values/
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