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  1. The primer is a goodie to make the RW start procedure possible, with correct sound, etc. But it is not required. I don't think it will cause you any issue just ignoring this step.
  2. Agreed, tough decision, but aiming for a top end product this makes sense. This Ka will be awesome! We just need to be patient (and that's where it's difficult )
  3. Hi autogyro, thank you for your hard work, all these changes really make the plane better. It just started with ITT adjustments, and now... well, lot’s of fixes! big thank you! Fred
  4. Hi autogyro, Thanks for answering so quickly. My concerns are minor, I won't go back now that I have tested your mod. Improvements, if feasible with reasonable effort would be awesome. So yes, ITT below 10k feets is high. As I said i need to test more but climbing just after take-off I can't set 36.9 psi as this would yield 760 to 780 degrees (from memory) Need to hold power back a bit.. or ignore itt reading during this phase. After all, initial POH authorized up to 760C during climb... And regarding Ng variations, it could be a side-effect of some tweaks as I remember the default air file did no react like this. Again, thanks for your work, you're definitely on the right path!
  5. thanks a lot for all the time spent in this mod, it really improves the flying experience in the pc 12 I did a couple of flights and having to check temps regularly adds a lot to the immersion! There may be some more tweaks, as in some cases I found I could not reach climb torque (I will need to test more, low alt, during initial climb) But overall it seems to be on the numbers just one question on the behavior as alt increases: from my various readings i had understood that ng should remain stable for a specifc power lever position. torque varies, but power lever basically sets Ng. with your mod, ng increases as the aircraft climbs Is it a limitation of some sort, or is my understanding wrong?
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