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  1. Well I just received mine yesterday and I am very happy about it. With a little help of a software called afterburner I ve noticed that the 670 can be easily OC getting almost to the same performances of the 680. Natively they are exactly the same card but with a limited CUDA number (to reduce the power). I've seen also a great image improvement from my 8800GTX (maybe due to a huge distance in generations?). So far so good. I'm also installing 2 OCZ Agility 3 for both the system and P3D. Already following Word Not Allowed's guide I improved 130% my average FPS (in KJFK was a suicide before). Tweaking literally takes a lot of time but at the end is really worth it. Increase in performances, image quality, fluidity and playability. Let's keep in touch to find a good solution for main view and CDU!!!
  2. I agree for the GTX 670 (which, for me, it will arrive this weekend). If you have patience I will test it and post some results
  3. Have you tried to recalibrate? Are you using FSUIPC?
  4. I think that these DBs are from outside the aircraft (al least I hope or I would be deaf already) not within the cockpit! :lol:
  5. I saw my first one more than 20 years ago while I was waiting for my annual medical renewal. It was Stereogram of a Shuttle! I still remember I was shoked! :lol: By the way they are all impressive and frankly quite scaring. Most of the time we have to rely on our eyes, even in instrument condition (to check the instruments). This is a rule we should NEVER forget!
  6. It depends also on the 737 actual model. Newer model seems less noisy than older ones. Do not take this as a rule of thumb... Have you tried to check a video inside the cockpit?
  7. I love Bombardier! I love the 700 and definitely I wont mind a 200. It's true that it looks a bit toy-ish but I think also that depends on the quality used for taking the picture (there is no shadow for example) but we should not delude ourselves. I have to see it running to give a correct review! ^_^
  8. In the military they were leaving the flaps down to indicate "no step" zone for maintenance. Another reason (yet military) was to help the next crew pre-flight inspection. Plus another couple of minors reason. Hold habit die hard?
  9. Did you try to close the window in the cockpit? :lol: Just kidding! The only problem I found that was not really "realistic" (too loud) was the fuel pump. I changed it by editing the sound, reducing the volume, saving it and put it back in the sound folder. It also depends on the aircraft you are flying. When I was flying on the Cessna 421(real, not in a sim) I needed the high noise environment DC (headset) otherwise I had to scream in the cockpit. When I switched to the Lear 25 I realized how "silent" it was. But it was still noisy... I could use a lighter headset at least! By the way, your problem seems to be the sound card (sometimes when you have enabled HD sound or Dolby for ex.) Have you tried checking your sound config? Let me know if it worked B)
  10. Keep me update if you have any issue with W8, I might install it soon (even if now I use only P3D). Thanks Ben for sharing your impression!
  11. Manny, is not too late but it would take a bit of patience to manage it. Watching at your configuration with 2 SSD and 1 HDD I wouldn't touch anything!!! Better than this you can't go any further! (actually yes, by having a 3rd SSD for your photoscenery...but let's try not to exaggerate!) My suggestion is KISS (Keep It Super Simple). They way you did it is very good indeed!
  12. Actually riccardo74, there is also a way to make it faster and larger (as capacity). Some motherboards adopt a "Hybrid" RAID configuration to use both SSD and HDD where the SSD is working as a huge "buffer" memory. The PRO is that instead of having just 120GB you have maybe 1TB or more of very fast HDD, the downside is that if anyone of the disks fail you loose your data. Just so you know. Indeed very good performances!
  13. The results are definitely good! :) The smoothness is also given by the speed at which FSX is downloading the whole area, especially when you are switching area you should not see any loss of performace. Let me know if it all goes well! ;)
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