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  1. I think this is getting quite silly and out of proportion. I shouldn't matter what others said unless they are being outright derogatory. In this case it looks to be a casual joke and I feel yet again people in this hobby are getting far to serious and far to precious about PMDG. I love their products but they are not living gods and nobody should be jumping at anyone else's throat for such a small thing said.
  2. compilot16

    So what is the community now?

    I just feel that sometimes because we are a small community that things say can feel a bit more personal, unlike some of the other communities mentioned above, other than that I love Avsim, due to it being a highly valuable resource for any flightsim information.
  3. compilot16

    Which models?

    I fairly sure it's only the 777 that has the Taxi cam
  4. compilot16

    Some Payware Advice, Please

    I love my Aerosoft Airbus' , but I feel that they are a bit of a double edged sword, because they are so automated, its easy to get lazy with hand flying.
  5. compilot16

    FSX: SE. A Dead End?

    I actually think that having FSX:SE is good just as a back up in case the worst happens to my beloved boxed version. I was only £3.99 in the steam Christmas sale, I'd say totally worth it.
  6. compilot16

    MSFS - the Original

    Thank you for sharing that. It was an interesting experience playing on a sim that came out 9 years before I was born.
  7. compilot16

    Boeing 757/767. The series that has been forgotten.

    I still regularly fly my Level D 767. Its an incredible aircraft and very versatile as well. It would be nice to have a graphics update. I also believe that the 757 is far from disappearing from our skies. Stopping production doesn't mean the product is immediately going to disappear. We have a United 757 doing the run from Belfast international to Newark.
  8. compilot16

    A2 Computing Program

    Sorry for the late reply- thank you for the links. Looks exactly like the system I need.
  9. compilot16

    A2 Computing Program

    At the moment I am doing my A2 part of my computing A-level and a large part of my marks come from a program we develop. So my program is basically a private pilot dispatching program for my local flying club. It only covers the UK. I've run into some snags though, as I'm still learning a lot while I work at the project and one of my problems is that I can't seem to develop a system for generating a route, from waypoints. I was wondering if anyone could help me or put me in contact with someone who could assist me? Edit: I'm writing it in C#
  10. compilot16


    According to the British Airways official site they have 57 in their fleet - And according to "The BA Source" which tracks their fleets they have 46 active 747-400s -
  11. compilot16

    Where is your A320 now?

    Taxiing into EGAC
  12. compilot16

    Cost Index for regular flight?

    Depends on the airline.
  13. compilot16


    Another 15 years at least
  14. compilot16


    I was recently in the flight deck of a British airways 747 and the crew said they were keeping their 747s for at least another 15 years.
  15. compilot16

    Where am I?