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  1. - Wilco CRJ Next Gen. (just terrible. Totally flawed AP that cannot hold VS or Speed). - Aerosoft Airbus X (the most fundamentally flawed Aerosoft product I've ever bought). - CLS .... I've fallen for nice screenshots so many times only to find the product is really sub-par... and they never use key bindings, which is frustrating. - Captain Sim 757 / 767 ........ Done with CS now after those too. .........but these 'regrets' represent about 0.5% of total addons I've bought, so overall ...... I'm happy! :smile:
  2. This can often be a very unpopular thing to say, but I think these sound enhancements are payware quality, and I would pay a (reasonably modest!) amount for good sound enhancements like these, for other aircraft and aspects of FSX. The likes of TSS do it almost exclusively with aircraft sounds, so perhaps "Inwood Audio" could concentrate on internal / ambient audio enhancements. Eg.... The feelThere Airbus Series (still the only half-flyable airbus at the moment!), I fly quite a lot but it has awful interior sounds (switches, knobs, clicks, flaps, detent, cooling etc) .... but they're all in the Feelthere folder and quite replaceable (I have transferred most interior sounds from another aircraft for now).... and I would certainly pay for a 'Sound Enhancement' package for aircraft like this. :smile: @Summer1 .....Would you read your posts ........... Get over yourself, and show some respect!...... Steve's given you an explanation for his decision. You're like a spoilt kid spoiling the fun because you can't get your own way. :rolleyes:
  3. Ha ha.... well it's cleat from the quality of the results. The enhanced Trim Wheel is superb, crystal clear! I'm a mastering engineer (use a SADiE rig) by day, so appreciate and recognize good quality audio when I hear it. :smile:
  4. Sounds good to me. Despite the age of the thread, I just picked these enhancements up and by jove, they're good Steve! ...... I didn't think the NGX experience could be improved upon, but it has been, with these sound enhancements. Great work! :smile:
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