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  1. tumezz


    It's spelled "Alabeo"...
  2. tumezz

    Ideas on 15fps!

    i - d - e - a - s
  3. tumezz

    FSX Historic Traffic

    Quite sure they have a section for AI traffic also. You might want to check again :smile:
  4. tumezz

    UsePools=0 or UsePools=1?

    I had artifacts with UsePools=0 too on my gtx770, then I read somewhere that setting maximum prerender frames to "1" in NI would cure it. I switched from my original "3" to "1" and amazingly they were gone. Not sure this fix will work on every system, but you might give it a try
  5. tumezz

    At low speed....

    then, you basically :Praying:
  6. tumezz

    As real as it gets-rain spots

    Hi, i am not sure you are looking to edit a video or to get the rain effect in the sim but I guess what you are referring to is achieved through a video editing program ("sony vegas" is very popular) which is used by video makers to edit their videos and make them more realistic, much like adding real life cockpit sounds to a fsx video track; it's a rather common "post-production" practice nowadays, but nothing to do with fsx itself. I also stumbled across a video on youtube explaining how to add that effect in the video editing phase, here is a link to what i am talking about, just to make sure we're on the same page: You can only add this sort of effect to a video, not to the game itself. I might be wrong though, anybody?
  7. Oh yeah i guess that only works in dx9...my bad, sorry
  8. Try switching your ingame AA to off: AntiAlias=0 and let Inspector handle the thing (also you have redundant entries of the "Display" section in you cfg, you might want to clean that up a little bit). See if that helps
  9. tumezz

    I have an idea about cloud effects

    Thanks for clarifying, that makes more sense to me. So no further development on the endeavour of op, that is...
  10. tumezz

    I have an idea about cloud effects

    Oh i see, looks like this became commercial then...
  11. tumezz

    I have an idea about cloud effects

    Actually the whole thing looks very interesting, wonder if there was any further development on this...
  12. tumezz

    Carenado sale but which model?

    C90B Well at least that's my advice..can't really comment on the TBM, but i own both the C90 and B200 and i find the C90 more fun to hand fly. It's a pretty nice plane, if you fancy a twin. Handles great and has enough system complexity to play with in the cockpit - although you cannot expect they are modeled the same level as, say, the Duke from Realair. Others will advise differently but in the end of the day i really believe it comes down to personal preference. Also, if framerate is a concern I can tell you I run FSX on the same cpu as you do, non-k version, and have no problems at all. Cheers
  13. tumezz

    Clouds with a plane