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  1. jacenbourne

    ORBX Sale – 35% Off Everything!

    Well I purchased Global and a few different regions and a few airports, paid for it, got a confirmation email and.... nothing. FlightSimStore shows no record of the order on my account, no download links have been sent or are available. Sent them an email yesterday and today and haven't heard back. Was really hoping to try this out over the holidays :( . Sigh.
  2. jacenbourne

    KDFW Plane Spotting - 6/30/2015

    Oh man, I'll have to try that out sometime... the past few times I've been there I've been in a hurry trying to catch flights.
  3. Do you have any screenshots of the GNS530 issue? I fly a 182 IRL that has one and just curious on how Carenado is modeling it.
  4. jacenbourne

    Will the water eventually move at higher altitudes?

    I'm not quite understanding what's going on... are you saying the water doesn't move at all when flying over it? Like no rippling/waves/etc ?
  5. jacenbourne

    KDFW Plane Spotting - 6/30/2015

    Very nice! Where exactly do you go to take pictures like this at DFW? I've always wondered with the new regs.
  6. jacenbourne

    Flying the Hawker 4000 Simulator at Flight Safety

    Oh man, this is pretty awesome. I'd love to try a jet simulator out sometime... our company has a Citation Bravo but honestly, I have my hands full flying a Skylane, I can't even imagine what landing a jet would look like.
  7. Hello all, I'm getting close to having the equipment side of my home cockpit done. Once I have all of the hardware, I'll begin the fun part of the actual construction and mounting. However, I need 3 more gauges for the cockpit, the end goal being to have: Attitude Indicator Airspeed Indicator Altimeter Heading Indicator RPM / Engine Performance (EGT/CHT/FF, etc.) VSI/Turn Indicator But what I keep getting stuck on are the gauges. I have 3 Saitek FIPs, and while they are nice, they're pricey and have their limitations. I've looked at the Simkit servo gauges and while I think they're awesome, they're out of my budget ($400 just for the altimeter...). Also, I fly multiple aircraft. So if I got the C182 SimKit Airspeed gauge, it wouldn't help if I took my Citation for a spin. The Saitek FIP's do offer me the additional flexibility of switching to a gauge with higher speed tolerances. I do have a 23" Asus monitor that's currently not doing anything, so I've thought about mounting it behind the wood panel and cutting holes in the panel to have it shine through, but that would require a mapping utility to resize the gauges (presumably for each aircraft) so everything matches up with those holes. Does such a utility exist? Anyone have any experience with it? I can get 3 more Saitek FIPs if that's the best option, but I want to see what all is out there. Google's not super helpful on this. I'm willing to pay $175 a gauge. MAYBE $200, but that's pushing my budget. What are some alternatives to the Saitek FIPs in that price range? Benefits/Cons ? Should I just use the FIPs? Is the monitor a viable option? If so, what do I need to do to map the gauges correctly to fit a set of drilled holes? Can you do that via profiles so each aircraft matches up on start? I'd appreciate any/all help. My hardware-to-buy list is getting smaller and smaller... just want to have everything before I begin building so dimensions and such are correct.
  8. Hi all, I just purchased this aircraft from Carenado in hopes it may provide me with a good payware retractable gear option, but so far every time I have started FSX with it, I have gotten a CTD within 5 minutes. I've tried 4 different times. According to AppCrashView, the fault module is XAudio2_6.dll . I looked it up in the AVSIM CTD Guide but it wasn't mentioned... anyone have any ideas before I contact Carenado? I also took my A2A Piper out for a flight and it flew fine, no CTD, just as a reference. Thanks, - Jace
  9. jacenbourne

    Alaska - Clear sky [Outerra #4]

    All the screenshots I've seen of Outerra have looked fantastic. I'd love to see it be developed into as robust a sim as FSX is (albeit without all the issues of FSX) especially with addons like ActiveSkyNext, REX4, etc. What kind of pressure does it put on the GPU? Frame rates?
  10. jacenbourne

    Weather Radar Trouble?

    This may sound stupid, but I've read through the RL Phenom POH and the Carenado documentation and cannot find for the life of me how to access the WX Radar from the MFD. What's the combination to do it? Am I just missing something?!
  11. Hi all, In planning to complete my home cockpit build, I purchased another HDTV to use as the monitor. I now have 2 HDTV's set up, one as the primary (front-facing) monitor, another for the size. I'm having some issues with the FPS dropping considerably (halfish) when I create a new Window to drag to my left monitor for the side-view. I'm averaging around 25 FPS in one mode, and it drops to about 8-10 FPS with 2 views. System Stats: Windows 8.1 i7 3.9 ghZ CPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB 16 GB RAM Nvidia Inspector Settings: http://imgur.com/OmXkhyl My FSX.CFG has been fine-tuned for AA problems, anything worth noting would just be Textures are set high (4046). Things I have tried: I tried setting the Frame Rate Limiter in FSX to Unlimited, a few people mentioned that could help, didn't seem to make a difference. I tried the A2A Piper 180 vs Carenado Cirrus SR22 and the FPS' were about the same. I tried changing a few Nvidia Inspector Settings to no affect. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, - Jace
  12. Switching to a 1080p 50" TV to see what it looks like on that before additional tweaks, but still open to suggestions if anyone has them.
  13. One more thought: The AA looks much smoother on my 1080p, 24" ASUS Monitor than it does on my 39" 760p TV. Could the resolution difference be causing these problems?
  14. It made a really small difference, but the AA is still off and lines are still jagged.
  15. I'll give that a shot, thanks. I would think the GTX 760 would be able to handle AA just fine, which is why I've got FSX's engine doing nothing... I'll give that a shot. Anyone else have any suggestions?