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  1. tooting

    AIFP/BGL Traffic to Ultimate Traffic Live

    2 years down the line we are still waiting for an update.......
  2. tooting

    P3D V4 and the Boeing 767

    Myself and a work colleague where discussing this last night. To this day there isn't an addon that can do a managed descent like the lds 767. Even the pmdg birds and the fsl struggle at times to do one properly if its on a star with a shed loads of constraints. The lds however was amazing, if flew like a block of flats, but it was amazing
  3. tooting

    how do you REALISTICALLY fly in/out of major airports?

    Slots Curfews Runway closures EU ops restrictions (the dutch and French not playing ball) Dcn permits Landing permits Ppr Traffic rights 4th freedom rights 5th freedom rights Cabotage Historical slot rights Crew visas Equipment on aircraft Mtow Engineering coverage Fire category of the airport The list goes on and on... Its not as simple as you simmers and most pilots think. You might land into an airport with an engine fire onboard only to find there's no fireman there to put you out, and no hospital to deal with your burns and then no engineering to replace your engine... bggw for example has this problem
  4. tooting

    More of long flights, what about the shortest?

    Virgin positioners from lhr to Gatwick 😎
  5. tooting

    So you think you"re having a bad day....

    we saw that in work the other day.. and we all erupted with laughter. we are such cynical sods in ops.
  6. tooting

    Ultimate Traffic Live

    tom still alive or still talking word not allowed about updating it ?
  7. tooting

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    the best aircraft addon I ever bought.. the fsl 320
  8. tooting

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Now please put on dynamic light and fly the fsl 320 into egll with a load of AI traffic on and orbx UK. And guess what you can put 19 gfx cards in sli it will be stutter and Shake like a crapping dog
  9. tooting

    Cosford 2018

    Your lucky tonights nightshift, I dealt with a number 2 engine pack bleed fault which caused the aircraft to came back onto stand twice. Luckily the MEL said ask iocc for any iceing expected on the route which there wasn't, so off he went 2 hours late, other than that a quiet shift. I'd rather been at cosford although.
  10. tooting

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!! There you go, also sold to dovetail and LM to be developed after aces was disbanded
  11. tooting

    Question about the qualitywings 787

    cheers thanks
  12. tooting

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    you cant say that on here, people get all upset because they thinks its some new gold platted coding they have created and are selling, when we all know deep down its that gash near on 20 year old engine. as ive said a zillion times before... same hooker different dress.
  13. tooting

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    The non native ai models ctd and the dxgi error are 2 completely separate errors. please download the camsim 787 ai model and try and use it in p3dv4. it wll ctd, as would a ctd occur using the old verions of uk2000 scenery if you didnt remove the fs9*.bgls and then you have the flytampa products causing CTDs if you dont delete the papi bgls. why you cant make a sticky about these is beyond me, we get at least topic a week about it.
  14. tooting

    Question about the qualitywings 787

    can someone tell me if the immersion 787 package works for p3dv4 version or is it just the fsx version. many thanks
  15. tooting

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    so how come it only happens with drivers after a certain version ?