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  1. He gives us 7 free tickets a year, you can have your sandwiches!!
  2. Being a Virgin guy, im bound to dislike ba. Alas I flew in club with them to Yvr back in June for my birthday on the 380, they where Terrible, the crew blatantly didnt give a toss as YVR is classed as Eastcost meaning a one night trip with min rest. They hate the trip. Thats what virgin have over them our crew are young, sassy and they enjoy the job. It's a shame to see ba go to 💩
  3. The shareholders love him, he's making profit. Sure the high standards of ba have gone down the toilet 🚽. Buts he's making money. Same with oleary at Ryanair and Mcall at easyJet, greed and money, simple as
  4. I wonder if being aerosoft they will test the afcad with GSX
  5. blame microsoft and aces they abandoned it. That sim you've got running on your PC... its from 2006 its 11 years old. Sure LM have pimped it up and made it 64 bit, but they didnt buy it for simmers, they bought it to sell to the military. Money, always money. But deep down, its an old programme designed in the early 2000s for kids to fly under bridges at San Fran. Then Microsoft realised there more money to be made in xbox Consoles and kids throwing grenades over walls in Call of Duty. and before you all queue up and say there more older people than use flightsim's than younger people, ill agree with you, but theres a caveat. Theres was and still is way way way way more money to be made in consoles (back in 2006, and the same today), and thats why they ditched it. Money. always money.
  6. Yup the bet was 5 years and today Branson has the 51 percent simple as that. Branson and Virgin have clearly won the bet. Screw Ba and screw Walsh.
  7. No Walsh is trying to wiggle out of it. Branson still has the 51% and virgin is still operating as Virgin Atlantic which is what the bet was. It sad that the national carrier that has counted on the old boy network for 50 years to let it bully its way to the monopoly on UK to USA routes with its alliance with AA how the hell is anyone else meant to compete with that.
  8. Its going to be a great day on Monday...and im working :)
  9. No gfx card will ever get around the slap dash coding of a 10 year old+ fsx that was abondonded half way through. We will all still be here In 10 years fighting with ctds and adding lines to cfg files. Sad but true
  10. Simbrief is very accurate to be honest. The only thing you can't do it put biases, Mels, dmi or fuel penalties in it which is what you do the the real world. You dont just jput in a few inputs run the plan and email it to the crew room theres alot more to it than that. One of our 747s has 9 Mels/dmis on it until it goes in for a B check next week for example. Ranging from packs issues which gives you a fuel penalties to steering diameter range issues which effects taxiing to runways so every time he flies we have to make sure the Takeoff alternate, the enroute alternatives and the arrival alternative has no issues for taxiing on narrow taxiways and backtracks for example. When the engineers come over to our flight planning desk with a piece of paper it's never a good sign
  11. ditto.. ill be amazed if they reduce down to that low.
  12. steve, what should the settings in the ndviva control panel be regarding vsync and buffering ? many thanks
  13. nope, fact. issues with timezones, and wind shifts has been around for 10 years Thats right 10 YEARS slighty off topic,but ill bet £10 to a pint of warm beer when flytampa vegas comes out there will be issues with Orbx Southern Cali, Orbx Vector and fsglobal. A hunch of 14 years in simming.