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  1. tooting

    Excellent Response by FSLabs

    they are also giving away spotlights now for free ??
  2. tooting

    Excellent Response by FSLabs

    He had an opinion which people didn't like. You don't have to agree or not agree with him, no one is forcing you. He said negitive things about them, in this pc, fluffy, every gets offended about everything world about everything, you're not allowed an opinion that other people don't like. I'm amazed no one's call him a troll yet. Matthias from aerosoft has said much worse things about fsl, but no one gives a 💩 about that do they. Rob is right the fsl is a fantastic product, but no ones forcing you to watch froggle, and no ones forcing you to agree with him or not. And if you don't agree with him it's means Jack💩 , it's just one person's opinion, thats all
  3. Because its money, they are selling it for money on the assumption that Tom will finish it at some point, which is exactly what happened with ut2 it never did get updated and Tom rebranded, renamed and sold it an 'all new product'
  4. his product is no different to the beta version he released. All I want is for developers to release finished polished products like PMDG and not abandon products half way through which is what he did with UT2 and also what he did with UT live. Its the same with BBS,QW,Captainsim etc etc When I go to work to do a 12 hour shift, I dont do half a flightplan, I dont do half a load sheet, I dont apply for half a slot, I dont put in half the MELS into the system, etc etc. But im sick of developers doing half a job and then selling it to us
  5. But the tool isn't very good, a few I've converted don't work. Once again we are accepting a half finished product because 'it's the norm'
  6. Its an OK product. Ive got it, what's incredibly frustrating is the power pack isn't available so you can't add or update the schedules with out alot of faffing around. I understand the developer has family issues, but he did this before with ut2. My honest opinion I don't think we will ever see the power pack and the product will stay in the beta quality it is at the moment
  7. tooting

    P3D V4 - Can't get rid of microstuttering

    20 years and we are doing all this. The minute activesky releases for xplane I'm switching
  8. tooting

    Looking forward to this movie

    Never seen it In my life, but I will now!! Like I said I'm 50 50 on it. I'm have this nagging itch with it that I can't stop scratching when it comes to the moon landings. Nasa have been caught more than once telling porky pies. How come that chinease moon rover hasnt got proper pics of the landing sites. Ill tell you why. If the chinease had absolute proof that flag isn't on the moon, that would be the biggest piece of intelligence the security services ever had, ever. Youd keep that to yourself. That's a royal flush hand you can play whenever you wanted to topple any US administration you ever wanted to. But I'm sure they made it through the van Allen belts in a huge firework based tincan, and then conviently lost all the telemeric data shortly afterwards.
  9. tooting

    Advice on EGLL & Area

    No matter how many 1080tis you buy, no matter how many ssds you got if you fly into egll in a payware addon with a ton of AI your going to have a stutter fest. You can do as many graphs, tweaks, lasso, set fps, change hertz, whatever you cannot do it. Its as simple as that. But you wont get any developer whether that be pmdg, fsl, qw, ultimate traffic or similar to admit that. No matter how much you try P3Dv4 or fsx, or fsx se whatever you use its not programmed to handle ai no matter how hard LM try to redo the coding, alot of AI hammers the sim, not your system the sim, that nearly 20 year old ESP Sim. No matter what you are being told or sold you cannot beat it. It's not designed for a ton of ai The same areas have had the same problem for 20 years, namely egll, cyyz, klax, ksfo, vhhh The engine of that sim you are using is 20 years old. Heartbreaking I know that's the nuts of bolts of it.
  10. tooting

    Installation process P3Dv4.1 to P3Dv4.3?

    Cheers Erich
  11. Maybe it's more expensive nowadays but we do buy a lot of sim slots. Constantly every day
  12. We get charged £600 an hour for a full motion sim for opc/lpc etc etc etc
  13. tooting

    Looking forward to this movie

    will they ask him about when he filmed the earth out the window and put a black card around the window to make it look further away??? when they where only 200 miles out ? or ask him about the val allen belts, when he was interviewed he "couldnt remember passing through them" Im still 50/50 on it. The only thing was convinces me is the moon dust thats been tested and the mirrors on the moon for the lasers. Other than that theres alot of ifs and buts
  14. tooting

    Flight level 270 - Possible Scam

    I remember my first time i went to Lagos, it was in 2006 i think. I sat on the flight deck for the landing (on the 747). on finals at around 0500 am local at about 10nm out we still couldnt see the runway, skipper called up tower to confirm the DME on the ils and the tower controller replied "ah sorry boss ill turn the lights on" 10 seconds later the runway lights turned on. to which the skipper turned around to me and said "good here innit mate" ohh halcyon days, I do miss it sometimes
  15. tooting

    Installation process P3Dv4.1 to P3Dv4.3?

    do we have a rough estimate date of the new patch. sorry if its been answered before