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  1. tooting

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    I'm also getting the washed out green textures in some places. TBPB definitely. Out of interest Howard and erich are you using Rex sky force and stab in the dark here, what gfx card drivers?
  2. tooting

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    Maybe he was going faster then but the bloke in question was well known for doing it. So much so the story got back to us in Ops and we wouldn't normally know or care about that sort of stuff. But this guy there was a different story each week about him until he left the base
  3. tooting

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    I think the tower thought 'what's this muppet doing there's no need to do that speed down the ils'. Needless to say the residents down by the brache and in Hightown that heard the dude hammering it with the speed brakes up. (Many moons ago when I lived in Luton close to the airport you would hear a really noisey airbus coming it and I'd look out of flat window and it was always wizzair gunning with the speed brakes up) Anyway He's was known to the tower because he had a thick accent and the girl whod worked in OCC knew his voice and knew he was an word not allowed and probably mentioned it to them
  4. tooting

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    That's the point I'm making. Same bloke once operated an empty sector from Turin to Luton, my mate was the f/o on it and he had littery just qualified from CTC and had done his final line check the week before. They departed out of Turin, at 5000 feet the skipper gets up says to my mate, 'you have control' and gets out of the flight deck to the cabin of the empty aircraft to chat up the 4 cabin crew. He then entered back into the flight deck ON THE DESCENT at 12000 feet. My mate who brand new had the fly the aircraft pretty much the whole way while he was sharking the crew in the cabin. That evening my mate called me in a right state asking should he of reported it to the base captain. He never did in the end, too scared of the repercussions.
  5. tooting

    A New Long Haul 787 Flight: Auckland to Chicago

    Why kord?? Surely they can't fill it? I'm guessing it doesn't have the range for NYC and KORD works for interlining with united with star alliance
  6. tooting

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    No they are incapable of making decesions and want someone to hold their hands. We get call upon call in occ asking us what the hold over times are, to which we always reply 'its in the winter ops manual, go read it'
  7. tooting

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    The issue has been in gla / edi for example when they are gunning down the ils at 180 knots and there's regional twin props around it makes it a ball ache for the tower controller We had a skipper at Luton when I was at easyJet that used to show off to the new f/o's about how great the, 319/320 was that you could hammer it down the ils at 180 to 200 knots and then slam the gear down at 5nm to be just about stable for the landing. The fo's used to talk about it on the bus to the car park with us in ops, and we had a girl leave occ to work in the tower at Luton and she told us this guy used to pee them off in the tower doing this type of stuff. Luckily I belive he moved to another European base. Shame really, other than that he was an alright bloke all being said
  8. tooting

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    try working in ops. we had a captain call us up the other day asking if he should "go to sleep now" you couldn't make it up. once there 10 years in, they cant do jack without someone doing it for them
  9. to save me trawling up the page , how did you fix it please
  10. my money is still on a conflict between p3d and drivers after 397.64
  11. then why using exp 9 or 10 work fine with ZERO issues with drivers before 397.64 and not with drivers after then
  12. try the 397.64 drivers, I bet you a discounted virgin mates rates ticket in upper.... you wont get the issue, im that confident.
  13. like Ive just said Rob. Before if I use ANY driver later than 397.64 I get the issue. But ANY driver before 397.64 I dont get it. I agree its absolutely a problem with 1080ti's and overclocks as you dont seem to get it on 980tis. but theres a conflict between the drivers and p3d and the drivers after the 397.64 thats the issue. and i know ive seen other posts about other games with dxgi issues. It took me weeks to suss out which driver was the factor
  14. i dont get this error with any other software I use. only P3D. and if I use ANY driver later than 397.64 I get the issue. But ANY driver before 397.64 I dont get it. Please explain how this cant be an issue with P3D then.