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  1. tooting

    who stole the plane

    The 41 year old 4 chan guy speaks and writes up reports to the work press office and our legal Council team about 3 times a month about issues with flights where the press have been involved. She's fishing, she doesnt care about our hobby, and neither do the public / masses, thier more concerned about love island and the kardasians, trust me. For example, when we have a medical divert the 2 questions will always be, A. Did the pax die B. What was the reaction of the other passengers They don't care about how long the divert took, was cpr administered, was it etops or not, was it a 330 or a 787. Was the diversion airfield waiting and ready for them. Was the diversion airport in limits, did they pa for a medic.??? No, they all care about the sensationism of the 'Drama' on board and was any pop stars on the flight. Like I said, at least three a month,and the routine is Always the same. Over dramatics not researching. It's quicker and simpler to write
  2. tooting

    who stole the plane

    It will be a hit piece I promise. I'm my experience On average at both VS and EZY it takes the press less than 5 minutes to see a 7700 or a tweet and call the 'red phone' or the press office number. They don't care about facts or research, they are desperate for a quote, to misuse. Trust me. That reporter Is deseparatly trying to find a link with 'video games' and this dude who stole the plane. If she can that before anyone else, make 'an exclusive' piece to write it will further her career. That is all she cares about. She doesnt care about the flight sim community, shes trying to please her editor to write a hit piece. The press don't care about this hobby. I can assure you. Shes shooting fish in a barrel trying to get a hook lead and desperatly hoping to get us to say.... 'oh yeah i know rich really well, we used to play video games all the time, he used to always go on about stealing a dash 8, everyone knew he wanted to steal a plane, and and of course his boss knew too., Oh I forget he used to baby sit my kids once a month too, good ole Rich' She'll be looking for a picture of him playing fs9 with a MAGA hat on too. That's what she is fishing for something like that, she couldn't give a toss about sids, stars, and the majestic q400
  3. tooting

    who stole the plane

    I believe they challenged him when we was at the holding point not on the taxi ?? Weve had it a few times at my airline that the radios on the a/c where knackered when they where taxiing out and the tower couldn't get hold of them (but the aircraft behind could hear the tower). Its at that point we get a telephone call in the ops room to advise us we normally acars them to advise or call the company phone on the aircraft. Id say we probably get a couple of calls a month with lost radio comms in mid flight. Same again, acars and call on the sat phone. This stuff does happen.
  4. tooting

    4K & AA Help

    I throw another idea in here. I've 4k monitor, a 1080ti strix, and a 8700k. For 6 months I battled with all sorts of issues and was about to jack it in and go to xplane. You name the issue I had it. Stutters, long frames, 30 hertz sluggish mouse, dxgi errors. Blurries What worked for me and I have a smooth as butter sim now, with settings up high, my ai is on, dl is on, is as below. 1.adaptive half refresh rate vsync in ndivia control panel 2. Full power setting in nvidia control panel 3. In Ndivia inspector I locked frames at 30.5 (I tried rivatuner with no luck) 4. Use drivers 397.64 (otherwise I get the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED issue) 5 Affinity mask of 62 6. Gfx card overclocked through msi afterburner after testing with firestrike It took me 6 months and alot of pain to get it to run lovely but it's worked.
  5. tooting

    who stole the plane

    This came up with the german wings incident with pilot suicide. Its incredibly difficult to catch and diagnose On a slightly different example the amount of pilots we have to refer to counselling and psychotherapy after they retire is quite alot , especially if they have been ex military and then come to us till their 55 then go contracting out in the middle East In short for all of their lives they've had everything done for them. Meals on board, meals in hotels, taxis here, taxis there. Never having to in a way think for themselves. I mentioned before about captains losing it because the hotels didn't have eggs for breakfast For your whole life being given a piece of paper each month telling them where to be at what time and where'd to go. Once they get to work following the same Check lists for 45 years day in day out. Then suddenly being told thanks alot off you go. Cook your own eggs, dry clean your own clothes, set your own wake up call, and enjoy the garden centre with roger. Like I said for a few they can't handle 'normal' life and end up being referred to a well being clinic in Brighton that Virgin and BA both use alot because it specilises in this type of issue I know it's a world away from an engineer stealing a dash 8 but the point I'm making is its that life Isnt linear and its hard to diagnose a mental illness. When I was told how many retired and active crew we have in that clinic in Brighton I was shocked.
  6. tooting

    who stole the plane
  7. tooting

    who stole the plane

    I Know I love it when the daily mail use a file photo of G-VSUN A343 or a 747 at Heathrow for us. Or one of the old 737s for a file pic for easyjet.
  8. tooting

    who stole the plane

    One of belynz subscribers... Joke calm down!
  9. tooting

    who stole the plane

    It popped up as we where doing the lhr to sea vs105 flightplan. In all my years never had that as a notam or advisory! What a nutter!
  10. tooting

    who stole the plane

    just had this come into our mail box at work... United States: Washington: Anticipate disruption in, around Seattle-Tacoma International Airport amid aircraft incident OVERVIEW Level: Advisory Location: Seattle - United States Category: Airport disruption, Airline disruption, Airspace disruption Last Updated: 11 Aug 2018 04:32 (GMT) Members in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Washington state) and nearby areas should anticipate disruption amid reports of an employee taking a stolen aircraft on an unauthorised flight around the facility. Early reports indicate that a Horizon Air staff member has taken control of an empty aircraft; he reportedly does not know how to land the plane. The airspace above the Greater Seattle area has been cleared. ADVICE Anticipate disruption and exercise caution in and around Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Monitor our alerts for further developments. ASSISTANCE
  11. tooting

    RW Airline seniority system qustions.

    Ill type up a reply later.. at Virgin we do things completely differently than at easyJet (where I was before). All of those questions are completely airlines specific and depends on the country, if the carrier is low cost or legacy,if they have a strong union and if they bought another airline. The example of this is when BA bought BMI and when easyJet bought GB airways for example. ill give you some examples later.
  12. If that was one of my flightplans then yeah it might look like that
  13. Same here and 60 addon xml scheds too. Now that we know power pack is never coming
  14. Don't worry the developer is always on hand to help out and update things.... Ahhh wait a minute