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  1. I double checked, my assistance options are "True Life". I also checked from exterior view when turning, the rudder was not moving unless I gave input. When I give input, it's yawing way too much for such small inputs. I can easily fly around as if I was getting rudder assist and the yaw string remains fairly happy. Anyway, this is just my experience. Could be my setup. Others will hopefully chime in after testing. I also noticed it rolls an awfully long time after landing. I'm not landing that fast 🙂 Just a minor quibble. While it currently flies somewhat unrealistically to me (again, could by my setup), it's a fantastic start. I could probably change my rudder sensitivity or something and tune it in, but I don't want to mess with my power flying. I'm really pleased with it overall because I can see the potential. Great work to all those involved in making this happen - and for free! I highly recommend to anyone interested in soaring to give it a shot.
  2. What is your airspeed when you go into the bank? I haven't tried this glider in the sim, but it sounds like you may be putting it into a spin. Is it a straight ahead dive or a 'turning' dive?
  3. I'm surprised they haven't just gotten rid of this stupid screen. It provides zero value to the user. I already launched the sim, why would I need to be prompted to 'start'? It's a pointless step and has obviously just created another point of failure for no reason.
  4. Excellent point. One has to be careful with prebuilt systems to ensure it has the necessary items to actually upgrade it. i.e. a free PCIe slot, a connector slot on the power supply of the necessary size, a power supply that can handle the extra load, etc. Perhaps a google search of "upgrading Optiplex 9010" would be helpful. I did a quick search and there seems to be people discussing upgrading these that might provide some insight and some potential pitfalls.
  5. I bought via Steam. The only very slight advantage I've seen is that it was slightly cheaper for me because I didn't have to pay tax on Steam whereas on the MS store I would have. That will likely vary region to region. Once the game is launched, everything goes through the MS servers for login, marketplace, updates, etc. As mentioned, there was a short period right after launch where Steam users had no access to their premium content. To be fair, last weekend it seemed everyone, regardless of purchase platform, lost access for a day or so. There must be some requirement to check digital ownership every so often or something to have caused that. I would guess that if you are online, it will check these types of things. If you fly with no internet connection maybe you might avoid these things, but that's a total guess and also limits what you have access to while simming.
  6. The first video appears to be a student attempting a go around on a botched landing. This is standard procedure, however as soon as he swung towards the grass things became very non-standard and clearly he was not trained to deal with that. Once he was in the grass and in full panic, he did as most do and reverted to instinct. He was still trying to take off (yoke full back) and doing anything he could to avoid hitting stuff (steering with the yoke). Once you are in panic mode, you go back to the first things you were taught that stuck and unfortunately that was attempting to save a bad landing by taking off at all costs and steering as if driving. The second video appears to be a pilot with too much energy and "get on the ground-itus". He should have done what the first pilot tried and initiated a go around as soon as it was clear he wasn't going to touch down where/how he wanted. It's very easy to arm chair pilot both these situations, but clearly we have two overwhelmed, inexperienced pilots doing the best they could in a panic. It makes it very clear why pilots must be trained so thoroughly and why their training must include all sorts of non-standard situations. My favorite that I pulled on a student - in a glider - was to take control just before they entered downwind, burn off some altitude, and put them in perfect position for a base leg on the opposite end of the runway they intended to land on i.e right in front of them. As a low time student pilot, this change from 'normal' can be extremely disorienting and results in a "deer in the headlights" situation that others looking from outside can see the obvious answer. All of this just highlights the need for good training (and what happens when they don't get it).
  7. It really goes to show that you can't please everyone all the time. When the alpha was announced many were <using your best Gollum voice> "I wants in!! Let me in! Please lets me tests it for you!!!" Then the beta was announced and even more were "Oh please, lets me in, I tests it good for you!!!" Then the pre-order happened and those that pre-ordered were "I just pre-ordered, surely I can tests it now for you now, right?!?! Please!!!" It finally gets released (earlier than many expected) and hours later many were "Oh why oh why dids you released it!?! It's so broked!! What's going on, this should have been released to us so much later!!!" Personally, I'm very happy to have my hands on it and I'm having a blast with it warts and all. I'm running it on a potato with medium/low settings and look forward to all the coming updates - and a faster rig to run it 🙂 To those finding bugs, welcome to the test team, please submit tickets to zendesk. To those who can't stand it, either get a refund or come back in a few months when more fixes are in. To those simply offering constructive criticism, have at it, these forums are apparently being read by the development team.
  8. After reading all the replies on this and other forums it really smells like a server issue on the MS side of things. I'm guessing that paid for content has some mechanism to query whether it is valid. If that is broken for some reason (version matching issue, server down, ???) then everyone is going to have the same issue regardless of what we do on our side. While this is entirely frustrating, I'm sure it will be resolved soon. Having customers unable to access paid content is a sure way to dissuade them from buying more. Unfortunately this seems to have happened over the weekend so we might need to wait until Monday for a fix.
  9. Just wanted to chime in and say thank you to @cwburnett for taking the time to provide such a detailed response to a new sim pilot. It would be a much nicer atmosphere in this forum if more threads went like this.
  10. I'm using the free FaceTrackNoIR with a webcam (and ironically an IR LED 3 point model on a baseball cap). I found this free tool works best using IR leds versus just face tracking. I was amazed that I was able to just launch it and it worked out of the box with my previous settings from Xplane. I can't fly without head tracking anymore, I find it too frustrating to be constantly using a POV switch to look around which totally kills immersion for me. If you have a head tracking system, I would definitely give it a go.
  11. If your trim is changing by itself, check your autopilot. You may have it on and have the altitude hold set. First try turning the autopilot off and see if that clears it up.
  12. Also make sure your autopilot is off. I've been burned by this one a few times. I take off and the plane just wants to dive back onto the runway. It's because the autopilot is switched on and the altitude is set to 0. This happened to me in the Cessna 172 and at least one other GA plane (can't remember which now). I thought my trim was going crazy and setting itself nose down. Speaking of trim, also make sure it's set to takeoff position before takeoff.
  13. Not sure what airplane you are flying, but if it's something more advanced you might be getting a "stall" warning. What is your airspeed when this happens?
  14. Oh, that makes sense! I'll check that next time. Thanks!!
  15. The trim has screwed me over a few times now. I think there is a bug somewhere here as well. Some flights (with the same plane) are perfectly fine. Then I pick a different plane and my trim magically starts heading for full nose down. I furiously put in up trim, sort it out, then it starts heading back down. I tried looking for something else mapped to the trim, but saw nothing. As a side note, finding what is mapped to what is a bit of treasure hunt. I have three controllers plugged in and spend 10 minutes trying to find out if something is mapped somewhere.
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