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  1. Thanks all. It was not a question of why, just whether I could (just in case) 😄
  2. Searched and got no hits on this topic. Does anyone know if FSX and FS2020 can exist on the same computer or is it one or the other? Curious
  3. Considered that, but just bought SPAD.neXt instead which does not require FSUIPC (although it can work with the unpaid version) but it has some issues on my computer for some reason, that's why I switched back to FSX for control over some of the switches. I'm running Win8.1 and understand that this too can cause problems. SPAD.neXt offers the ability to save profiles with settings for individual aircraft and that is what I wanted as the Saitek drivers suck and FSX does not allow individual profiles. Appreciate the suggestion though. Cheers
  4. Have been assigning functions in FSX to the buttons on my Saitek quadrant (yoke) and wanted to assign the NAV light to a button. When I select the Controller type=yoke and Event category=lights the only selections under Buttons/Keys I get are Landing lights (6 of them), Lights (all), Panel lights and Strobe lights. What happened to NAV, beacon, taxi lights etc? Any suggestions?
  5. I searched the forum for Saitek and got no hits. Somewhat surprising because there seem to be many, many people who have the same problems with the fact that the Saitek Multi panel does not work with PMDG aircraft. The only things that work are the CRS selector, flaps and pitch. The other selectors do not work, nor do the Autopilot or the auto throttle. They do work on the standard FSX airfraft. From having Googled a solution it appears that several other third party products are required. Unfortnately there is no conformity to what is exactly required. Just wondering why this information is not available on either the Saitek or the PMDG websites. I contacted Saitek but their suggestions did not resolve the issues. It would be nice to have clear instructions on how to get these two products to speak to each other, directly if at all possible. I added the following 2 lines to the 737NGX_Options.ini file, as per PMDG's suggestion, also without success [sDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 Any specific instructions on how to get them to talk will be very much appreciated.
  6. Hi. Just bought and installed the 737NGX and have a question related to the autopilot. It certainly does not behave like the original FSX 737 which is quite instinctive. I can't get it to keep the set speed or altitude and am unable to find ANY information on the use of the autopilot without the FMS. Any pointers as to where to find this info is appreciated. Also, panel wise everything looks fine but any change in the view to the exterior does not show the aircraft, just its shadow and some odd pieces of it. What could be the problem here. I downloaded SP1 but when I tried to install it it said that it was already incorporated, indicating that I do have the latest complete version. All help is appreciated.
  7. Never mind. I found it in the AppData. :-)
  8. Thanks for the input guys! @738 - I searched in every file in the FSX main directory and the only hits I got were in main.dll and ROOT_main.dll, neither one obviously is editable. Where do I find the cfg file you are referring to and what is the full name. There are plenty of cfg files. BTW I do not mean a solid ceiling as seen from below like your screenshots show, but when I am in actual IFC.
  9. I know the weather engine of FSX is not great and I do not have any add-ons for weather yet but have searched YouTube for examples (REX, ASE, FEX etc) and cannot seem to find any weather engine that actually gives me a proper ceiling. If I specify in FSX an overcast ceiling at 500 ft, I should not be able to still see the ground at 600 feet, let alone at 4,000 feet!! If I want to fly IFR it should be real IFR. Is there ANY weather engine out there that actually gives me a solid overcast (8/8) ceiling at any height when I specify it, without still being able to see the ground? All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  10. I have Win 8 running on my computer and had to switch back to Win7 for the time being because HP STILL has no Win8 drivers for M1319f mfp printer. Since registering 737NGX requires an Internet connection I assume that the install is registered. Eventually (hopefully soon although I have been waiting for these drivers for 3 months now) I will switch back to Win 8. My question is, how is that going to affect me when I try to install 737NGX in Win 8? Will it let me, do I have to uninstall on Win 7 first, and can I do it at all? Thanks
  11. Hi, the PMDG models look fabulous. There is only one question I have before I decide to buy one or more. It states for best performance "OS: Windows 7 64-bit". How about Win8 64-bit? Is it Win8 compatible? Thx
  12. Probably can be found somewhere but I have looked high and low for the option to have FSX turn off the display in small red font of the make, altitude and distance of AI aircraft and can't find it. Is there such an option? It is very annoying. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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