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  1. We have to wait and see how the MSFS is running before we make a judgement.
  2. Unfortunately for those of you with a poor internet connection, there will be no option to purchase it on 20,000 Blu Ray disks. We will have to see how it is going to run without any problems. No stutter etc.
  3. Would the KA350I be updated for P3d v5?
  4. I am still using the Flight Environment X 2.0 Series for p3d 4.4, works and looks good.
  5. What's the point buying Hyperthreading CPU if you only needs 4 cores.
  6. Why don't you have the HT on without overclocking.
  7. Hi, I have a problem with FSX with 777 immersion Jan 20,2016 updates , I got no wing condensation/engine condensation after installing VFX Central, every thing was working fine before. Many Thanks.
  8. My condolences to Tom's family may you rest in peace,thanks for everything.
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