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  1. Try the following if you havent: Scenery Complexity: Normal Draw Distance: Very High Vegetation density: Dense Building density: dense Scenery complexity and cities seem to be a crux at the moment now, I think its just highlighting how poorly optimised some scenaries/city scapes are, London was quite brutal at higher than normal slider for complexity. It's also worth noting with people with SLI set ups, even if v5 supports it, 2x 4GB cards doesn't = 8GB VRAM with DX12.
  2. Out of interest, when you press shft + Z twice, what is the number after the slash for GPU Memory? e.g I have XX/6.7GB atm. Looking at your signature, you have three monitors, windows allocates what it can to P3D (not LM's fault) if you're running three monitors, I suspect windows is requiring higher vram for other processes instead of giving it to P3D. I've just departed Copenhagen, flying to LAX, on vatsim using FLAi traffic, in the PMDG 747 that I moved over myself, Fly Tampa Copenhagen, sliders quite high, atmospheric effects on, REX injecting weather (it works), ORBX EU and Global, I didn't exceed 5.8GB of VRAM, I run in 4k.
  3. If you are running an nvidia card, new drivers dropped today (445.87) and VRAM usage has dropped about 1GB. Worth checking out!
  4. Understandable, obviously we don't know what you guys are planning for release, in terms of features, but one of the things I'm thinking about, depending on the data that would be exposed to us, is things like achievements (such as things like successfully recover from a failure, complete rotations etc), fpm leaderboards, general gamification of the stats outpoured. One of the things I'd really like to see implemented, is if the user isn't flying on vatsim is to create a tool that would generate traffic and flight plans based on active flights inside of Global Flight Ops. If it's not on the roadmap to offer an open API like that, then thats cool, these were just some of the things I was thinking about when I heard it would be open to developers. I may have just missunderstood what it was you meant by that.
  5. I'm a Software Engineer, so when you mention community contributions, will there be an API/SDK with this? I have some cool ideas for things that I'd like to try and create as 3rd party integrations.
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