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  1. Romflyer

    I think I just found P3D heaven...

    Those links don't work for me either ...... ? Any chance you could just upload them to a post? Cheers Romflyer
  2. This is very odd.....I have had the Cessna trim wheel for about two years now, and have never had any issues with it....I have it plugged into the usb plug on my Saitek yoke. worked flawlessly in FS9, works flawlessly now in P3d, originally without fsuipc, but now with it.....flawlessly. I am running the SST software, but I don't use any profile related to the trim wheel. Do you leave your flight sim gear plugged in all the time? Or do you plug it in only when you are ready to fly....I do the later, but I have had issues in the past with some controllers that have been left plugged in (unused) for extended periods....and when you go to use them they don't function until they are unplugged and re-plugged...??
  3. Romflyer

    Keyboard inputs

    I have noticed with P3D that the game doesnt seem to recognize the use of the numlock key for numberpad it was in previous versions of FS.........I need to be able to have a separation between the numbers on the Numpad and PgUp, PgDn,Home, End, etc etc. Does anyone know if there a way to change this?.....perhaps in the cfg file? Any suggestions would be appreciated Cheers Romflyer
  4. Romflyer

    FS2004 Persisting Crashes

    If you ran it and it said it worked then I would suggest you go try out the sim and see if the crashing is cured.......the installation of the patch is very quick, be sure that you ran it on the exe in the fs9 folder......not the shortcut on your desktop I hope it works for you Cheers Romflyer
  5. Romflyer

    FS2004 Persisting Crashes

    4 gig patch It will likely fix your problem Cheers Romflyer
  6. Romflyer

    using custom 2D panels in P3D

    Thank you very much.....the link is excellent!! FSPS=FS Panel Studio ....DOH!!
  7. Romflyer

    using custom 2D panels in P3D

    Thanks for your response....I will explore the ident options, do you by chance have any explanation of ident or zorder and what exactly they relate to? As for FSPS......I have no experience with it, but did I understand you correctly that you where able to connect the two programs together using FSPS....? Cheers Romflyer
  8. Romflyer

    4GB patch.

    You just back-up your FS exe and then run the patch..... Then you can just reinstate the backup if you decide that 2gigs is better than 4gigs Hey John......sorry, I wasn't meaning to try and call you out And yes my analogy did have some rather large holes in it :-) How about, my old car only had 4gears and my new has 5gears......and the old one worked just why would I use that 5th gear? Cheers Romflyer
  9. Hello all I am a long time FS9 user who has recently made the jump to P3D 2.3 and I am really happy with this new platform.....I am struggling a bit as I am trying to get my dual monitor set-up to function as I had it in the older sim platform. I have made custom 2d undockable panels to be moved onto my second monitor using FS panel studio, on my old set-up I was able to build these 2d panels into most planes on my install, and it has been a very effective flightsim set-up for me.... Here is a link with a bit of background on my set-up My question....or request for help..... I have managed to get only 2 planes to work correctly with my 2d custom panels (DHC2 and 737-800) every other plane I have tried to set-up with a custom 2d panel, simply refuses to work. Can anyone with some experience in manipulating panels offer me some advise on how to get these undockable panels to behave consistently for me.....I had this system of panels completely working in FS9, and I have been spinning my wheels now for about a month...unable to really enjoy my new P3D simulator without everything working properly..........Any help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance Cheers Romflyer here is a some text from the Beaver panel which works [Window Titles] Window00=Main Panel Window01=Radio Stack Window02=GPS Window03=IFR Panel Window04=Center Window05=Flaps Window06=Trim Window07=Mini Panel Window08=Pit [Window08] file=Pit_single.bmp size_mm=1600 position=7 visible=1 ident=5 gauge00=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!asi, 17,96,314,314 gauge01=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!attitude, 369,89,314,314 gauge02=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!altimeter, 705,97,314,314 gauge03=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!turn_bank, 21,501,312,312 gauge04=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!dg, 339,495,331,326 gauge05=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!vsi, 698,500,318,319 gauge06=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!flap_indicator_needle, 1205,100,232,111 gauge07=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!manifold_pressure, 1085,269,227,228 gauge08=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!rpm, 1324,271,222,218 gauge09=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!glideslope_vor, 1087,517,222,221 gauge10=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!rmi, 1319,520,228,228 gauge11=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!oil_fuel, 1089,756,223,223 gauge12=DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2!fuel, 1325,763,228,221 And here is similar text from c172 which doesn't work...??? [Window Titles] Window00=Main Panel Window01=Radio Stack Window02=GPS Window03=IFR Panel Window04=Landing View Window05=Mini Panel Window06=Pit [Window06] file=Pit_single.bmp size_mm=1600,900 position=8 visible=1 ident=PIT zorder=4 gauge00=Cessna172!Airspeed, 18,89,314,314 gauge01=CessnaWAlpha!Attitude_Alpha, 369,89,314,314 gauge02=Cessna!Altimeter, 699,83,314,314 gauge03=Cessna!Turn_Indicator, 23,443,312,312 gauge04=Cessna!Heading_Indicator, 354,439,323,321 gauge05=Cessna!Vertical_Speed, 700,443,318,319 gauge06=CessnaWAlpha!VOR1_Alpha, 1094,232,215,201 gauge07=Cessna172!Tachometer, 1324,237,218,202 gauge08=CessnaWAlpha!VOR2_Alpha, 1092,449,219,205 gauge09=Cessna182s!Oil_Press_Temp, 1330,454,218,204 gauge10=Cessna172!EGT_Fuel_Flow, 1092,663,215,207 gauge11=Cessna172!Fuel, 1329,671,223,197
  10. Romflyer

    4GB patch.

    Horatio (or Mr Socks if you prefer) B) Despite any fear mongering you might have read ...... the bottom line is that FS is a 32bit application and when it was made it was designed to use a max of 2gigs of hardware and software became better they implemented a 64bit operating system..... which, among other things, allows programs to use more than 2 gigs of ram......the 4gig patch allows your 32 bit FS install to access 4 gigs of Ram when you run your game instead of 2igs......that is ALL that it does I found the 4 gig patch to be VERY helpful in stabilizing my FS9 install .....I've always been very confused why there seems to be quite a few people that are so adamantly defiant against the benefits of this extremely simple but effective fix.....that helps older software make use of newer hardware, it's that simple's not voodoo's common sense. Why anyone would stubbornly insist that it's better to run a program like FS on 2gigs of Ram, than running it on 4 gigs is beyond comprehension........ it just doesn't add up. If it aint broke don't fix it..?? my car runs just fine in second gear.....why in the world would I bother to go into a higher gear?.....who knows what could happen?....I heard that one guy who went up into one of those higher gears actually got a speeding ticket for going too fast!! :rolleyes: That's my 2 cents Cheers Romflyer
  11. Romflyer

    FS9 crashing on 64Bit windows 7

    Try the 4gig patch Regardless of how good your computer is, FS9 and FSX are 32 bit programs and are not optimized to be "large address aware" The 4Gig patch will allow your computer to use 4gigs of Ram to run the sim.......without it your game is only using 2gigs of Ram......Regardless of the 8gigs you have under the hood. Its simple, easy, and quick to install...It wont harm your game, and it wont harm your computer.....It will stabilize your install and get rid of 90% - 95% of those annoying crashes. Cheers Romflyer
  12. Romflyer

    Saitek Reverse Thrust???

    Yes you can assign reversers without fsuipcI have had the best luck using the SST program, but can also assign within FS under button assignments, you go to "decrease throttle quickly" F1 and assign the reverse indent on your TQ.... The trouble I ran into with using the FS assignment is that it will sometimes go into reverse when at idle which is very annoying, but using the Saitek software seems to fix the problem
  13. Romflyer

    FS 9.95 never looked so good.

    If anything a sticky to the top of the FS9 section would have been appropriate......clearly who ever moved this didn't READ through the thread.
  14. Interesting.....I never noticed it not having an alternator switch. My suggestion to the OP would be to try and turn on the alternator using a keystroke instead of within the VC.....go into button assignments and check which button is used to toggle the alternator/generator and then go fly the plane, when the electrical starts to fade then press the correct keystroke and things should come back to life......if that doesnt work then hopefully someone else has a good idea. Good luck Cheers Romflyer
  15. Alternator/generator ...... Yes, be sure to turn it on when you hit the master and your batteries will keep going more than 5 mins This will fix your problem for sure Cheers Romflyer