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  1. I found a tutorial video in Spanish It did solve my problem though, so thank you random hispanic/spannish guide B)
  2. To begin with, you might wonder why I'm posting here and not in the Flythemaddog forums. The reason is the forum is basically dead. There's no official support at all. I just bought the product and I knew the risk. Anyway here we go. The Maddog does not ship with an Airac, instead the devs are saying that copying the pmdg SIDSTARS folder to the Maddog folder will work fine. Now maybe it does or maybe not but it's certainly not working for me. I like to do my first flights with new airplanes from Oslo to Arlanda. The route MASEV Z183 ELTOK is the standard route which I have flown in the 777,NGX & AXE countless times. For some reason when inserting Z183 it gave me the "not in database" error. FYI yes I have used the cleanup tool provided by Leonardo to find errors in the airac. I then moved to KDFW to see if airways worked at all. Indeed they worked. I tried a route from Dallas to Philadelphia. The Airac I'm using is the 1412 which is the latest. Accoring to Flightaware the route used recently had the SEEVR6 arrival or something. While browsing the available arrivals for KPHL the SEEVR6 was not there, in fact there were no SEEVR arrival at all. Correct me if I'm wrong but that arrival should be listed no? I'm obviously doing the conversion thing wrong, any help? http://puu.sh/ddiph/4955d534ce.png This is how my MADDOG folder looks btw. I also just recently installed the PMDG Airac in the MADDOG2008 folder and then extracted the NavData folder and the index-file
  3. Do you have any more information about this? This sound quite promising
  4. I seriously don't get where the "ivao atc" sucks is from. I've seen plenty of twitch streams where the streamer flies on vatsim and I can't notice the diffrence between Ivao & vatsim, well except that everyone sounds like a robot on vatsim But the whole "competiton" thing is just childish, By all means have a favourite network but do not harass the other network if you don't have any solid proof, or actually keep it to yourself and let everyone love their network in peace. One thing that you could take in to account is that Vatsim obviously "wins" if you want to fly in the US. USA is nearly always a wasteland on Ivao but there's the occasional atc online but I myself have never flown in the US on Ivao so I can't answer for the quality My suggestion is : Try both. I originally started out with vatsim but the client was so messy so I switched to Ivao and haven't looked back ever since
  5. All the links posted about this are dead or they redirect me to an iLivid download (Talking about all the files (REV,Nose gear, Touchdown. etc..) If anyone could re-upload them I would be very grateful and so would many else. It's indeed very sad that Steve has deceased :( and I think that his work should remain available to the community.
  6. B737,738,A320,A321,MD8X I'm 15 so this is my sliiightly boring and small list.... won't get the chance to fly on the old airplanes :(
  7. Well my joystick stays connected all the time but if I leave the sim (Like, entering google chrome or any other program outside of FSX will make the joystick disconnect.) Opening task-manager reloads the sim and reconnects the joystick but it may or may not cause the darn sim to crash doing so (Probably ENB related). I'm planning on buying a second monitor and i'm wondering, will activities on the 2nd monitor interfere with FSX? For an example, would FSX 'pause' or something if I am messing around with charts/ youtube etc. on the second monitor while FSX is running on the other?
  8. http://vateg.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49&Itemid=63 I have this one. It's freeware and it's quite good. Not just some boring afcad. It's for FS9 but it says it works in FSX. It does, but I have a terrain problem with one of the runways.
  9. http://www.flightradar24.com/2013-08-14/09:48/12x/34.21,-86.89/9 Might not be 'fitting' watch the crash but here is a link from flightradar24 which I found on their facebook.. It´s not complete because at 5400ft it kinda stops. Rest in peace.
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