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  1. Hey jay281, I discovered the same issue with my V4. Have FTX Global, FTX Europe LC and FTX Germay North installed. It seems that it only occurs if I set the internal framerate limiter to "unlimited". If I set it to 30 or so it seems to be better. Guess the simulator has more time loading this stuff then. Maybe here it makes sense to play a little with FFTF since I do not like setting the internal frame rate limiter.
  2. Sorry, I was not really aware that there are so many places to find (or not find) the exe.xml . I found mine at the location poppet is showing. As Shorle wrote, he found his exe.xml at the following locations: "c:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\exe.xml" "c:\Users\All Users\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\exe.xml" "c:\Users\"username"\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\exe.xml" Do you find one there? I always thought there has to be at least a virgin exe.xml in one of the three directories. Unfortunately, I am not on my flightsim computer so I can not show you a sample of the exe.xml. Maybe someone can help out? :-)
  3. Hey guys, thanks for trying it out. Actually it was intended to be a tool for my personal needs so do not expect any professional support :-) Sorry for that. I would love to make something comparable to X-Camera but I am afraid I do not have enough time to finish it within decent time :-( 1. You do not need FSUIPC 2. Yeah you are right, the assigments.cfg file is saved inside the P3D folder (or wherever the working directory of P3D is) 3. Hmm, the description should be right, since it mirrors the key bindings i have implemented. Could you try to toggle the Num Key (activate and deactivate numpad) 4. No it does not give any cab motion. But of course I will accept some feature requests or bug fixes. First thing I want to do is to make key bindings configurable.
  4. Hey, I´ve been also struggling with blurry textures. Today I found setting the max frame rate to 30 helps a little. Have you tried this? Especially when flying at jets cruising altitude the textures looked horrible. After a little testing it seems a little better now. But far from perfect (I am used to X-Planes scenery :wink: )
  5. Hey, maybe this is something for you, at least for the time waiting...far from perfect but better than nothing :-)
  6. Hey! I just want to share a tiny plugin i wrote that is supposed to mimic the camera system of X-Plane. I really like the X-Plane´s way of defining and retrieving camera positions by using the numpad. And since i was not very lucky installing my EZDOK plugin in Prepard3d V3 i just decided to write my own camera plugin :-) Until now it is not even in the beta phase but i want to give you the opportunity to play with it and maybe give some feedback. I only developed and tested it with Prepar3d V3. So i do not know if it is working with other versions. It can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7BUDHBPIGysRFZGSEY2WV9tV1U Installation ============ 1. Just place the camera_plugin.exe where ever you want (I place mine in the Prepar3d´s Module directory) 2. Add the camera_plugin.exe to your exe.xml; the new entry should look like (of course with an adapted path): <Launch.Addon> <Name>Camera Plugin</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>E:\Prepar3D\Modules\camera_plugin.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> 3. Unitl now you can not modify the keybindings for this plugin. So you have to delete all numpad related keybindings from the Prepar3d´s control setting menu. 4. Start your sim How does it work? ================= To move your head you have to use the Shift+(Numpad 0-9 and the Numpad_Delete button). Shift+Numpad5: Center View Shift+Numpad4: Move Head Left Shift+Numpad6: Move Head Right Shift+Numpad2: Move Head Down Shift+Numpad8: Move Head Up Shift+Numpad1: Move Haead Backward Shift+Numpad7: Move Head Forward Shift+Numpad9: Look Down Shift+Numpad3: Look Up Shift+Numpad0: Look Left Shift+Numpad_Del: Look Right (Does anyone need roll?) If you setup a view position you like you can use Ctrl+(Numpad 1-9) to save it. To move your head to a saved position just use Numpad 1-9. The viewing positions are saved per aircraft. So you can define a camera set for each. The camera positions are saved in a file named "camera_definitions.cfg" located in the same directory as the camera plugin. So you also can share it. So all i can say is have fun! :-)
  7. Hi, i can´t really imagine DSR will help on the blurry thing because it does not know anything about the textures P3D is trying to load. So what it is is kind of a post process to what P3D was producing. If P3D produces unsharp textures it will only upsample those blurry textures. Anything else would imply influencing the overall texture loading process of P3D. Greetings
  8. I just ran the UT2Bridge prog, deactivated UT2 and the traffic is now managed by VoxATC. I thought this is the way to go. Just forgot to set P3D traffic to 0%. Will give it a try later since i ocasionally run into "Dead Lock" problems that is causing all planes on ground to stop
  9. Same here...Bruessel Center, Amsterdam Center, Bruessel Center, Amsterdam Center... Is there an official way to post error tickets?
  10. Hi, which AMD driver are you using? I just installed the new 14.4 driver (have the HD7970 as well) and noticed crashes in some areas when changing views (birds eye view and then zooming out). I am not sure yet if this is related to the new driver or to the ORBX AU scenery i just installed. Today i will rollback to 13.2 and check again. Erik
  11. And same here, and the odd thing is that my CPU load is about 50% (about 20-30% for the other 3 cores). I observed this over EDDF Frankfurt Airport with the Frankfurt Skyline in sight (minus ~9 fps if AI is enabled) I am pretty sure the reason for this are some bad optimized sceneries/(textures?). When i compared the textures of the Aerosoft Oslo scenery (which runs pretty smooth on my system) and textures of sceneries that run really bad (as well textures of UT2 AI Aircraft) i noticed that all Oslo-Textures i checked are DXT5 and almost all other textures are DXT1 (with or without alpha...i don´t know). This is just a suspicion. Unfortunately i didn´t have much time to test some conversion to DXT5. :( And unfortunately i do not have enough knowledge for judging if this makes any sense at all. :lol:
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