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  1. I have noticed this too since SU15. I use to leave the server running all the time and it would connect whenever I started the sim, now I have to kill the app and restart it after starting MSFS each time.
  2. Trying to get this to work but the FO says "Cabin altitude percent 1 feet" instead of the value of variable (A:pressurization cabin altitude). What am I doing wrong? <Macro Name="FOSPEAK">VOICE:Microsoft Catherine) (VOICERATE:1) (VOICEVOLUME:75) (SPEAKBLK</Macro> [](@CPTSPEAK:Ten thousand foot checks) (WAIT:2000) [] 11302 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) (WAIT:500) [] 11402 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) (WAIT:500) [] 11502 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) (WAIT:500) [] 11602 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) (WAIT:500) (A:PRESSURIZATION CABIN ALTITUDE,·Feet)·flr· [](@FOSPEAK:Cabin Altitude·%1·feet)
  3. Don't those autoscripts need to be repeating? You have that set to one shot.
  4. I will switch to the Headwinds Pre-release ver and see what happens. AAO ver 4.10b51 Web FMC files were re-downloaded today.
  5. Re-downloaded the files Headwinds version: "title": "A339X (Stable)", "dependencies": [ { "package_version": "0.1.129", "name": "asobo-vcockpits-instruments-airliners" }, { "package_version": "0.1.125", "name": "fs-base-aircraft-common" } FBW version: "title": "A32NX (Stable)", "dependencies": [ { "package_version": "0.1.129", "name": "asobo-vcockpits-instruments-airliners" }, { "package_version": "0.1.125", "name": "fs-base-aircraft-common" I will keep working on it
  6. The B747, B787, G3000 work. CJ4, A320neo, A330 pax, A330 cargo buttons work, no display Using web browser on my MSFS PC.
  7. Trying to use the FBW Web CDU with the Headwinds A300. The unit displays fine and the buttons function (changes the in cockpit CDU) but the screen portion is blank. Any troubleshooting suggestions?
  8. I see the updated download..thanks!! Greatly appreciated.
  9. Horizon Simulations (with Kuro) pushed their 787-9 out today. Based on the Asobo 787-10 and Kuro -8 so I suspect the Kuro FMC has 99% of what is needed for the new 787-9
  10. Nice, AAO is becoming very powerful!
  11. You might look into the mobile version. On my iPad Pro the mobile version supports 8x8 buttons, that is 64 buttons per page which is twice what the physical hardware has (Stream Deck, not Stream Deck Plus).
  12. ADDED INFO: I have tried the A320, CJ, and PMDG 737. These all have functioning buttons but no(A320, CJ) or scrambled(737) images of the FMC screen.
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