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  1. Yep, forgot about each aircraft having a separate ini file for the SDK broadcast. Thanks!
  2. Does the current Webpage code support the -900 or does it need to be modified. When I use it, the buttons input to the aircraft but the display is black. Thanks, Mike
  3. It jumps outside of AAO but Mobiflight is another solution since it focuses on the home cockpit crowd, it's pretty straight forward with an active Discord
  4. Is this updated plugin only required if one uses the Stream Deck Plus?
  5. I found this was the problem: pms50-gtn750wtt-aircraft-bksq-kingair
  6. The 750 loads fine, but the 530 won't load as my NAV/COM2, it briefly flashes and disappears. Here are the packages I have loaded (confirmed mounted in DEV mode) pms50-gns50 pms50-gtn750wtt-aircraft-bksq-kingair pms50-instrument-gtn750 workingtitle-instruments-gns_fixcompat workingtitle-instruments-gns
  7. I know that the FlySimware guys have updated some of the events for the C414 (changed some of them to default MSFS events) so maybe the SD Profile is still using "old" events?
  8. That's nice but only 8 buttons? I can just build an encoder box and use existing AAO plugins
  9. Elgato has created a lot of break/fix work for you, love your stuff, donation sent. I'm holding off on updating Stream Deck until you have time to catch-up. Danke, Mike
  10. I have no idea how you keep up on all this stuff, but I love your product because of it!
  11. Anyone built a web caution panel using the AAO api/plugins? Looking to produce a "master" panel with the PMDG Annunciator lights
  12. Using latest AAO release and Stream Deck plugin. Now that the PMDG SDK has been released, does the "PMDG:" read dropdown work? Specifically, I am trying to read WARN_annunFLT_CONT It is not an Lvar so I was trying to use the PMDG: dropdown selection but it doesn't seem to be accessing the variable. Is there something else that needs to be done to implement the variables in the PMDG SDK.h file? Thanks, Mike
  13. Just Flight support says they don't have this update. (As of Sunday, 10/16) "Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we have not yet received this update from Lorbi-Si. As soon as we do they are normally updated withing 12 hours. Kind regards Craig"
  14. Here is the GEAR UP code: 1 (>K:GEAR_UP) (WAIT:10000) 45501 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) (WAIT:2000) 46002 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)
  15. There is a read variable for trim, could you not use that as a feedback value for keeping your wheel in sync with the sim?
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