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  1. Hello you all, After lovely 6 years with the great Saitek Rudder Pedals, once I had landed suddenly there was a "Click" sound from it. It felt like the left pedal lost its spring. So when I opened it, there was a spring not in his place, and a broken hook shape plastic. After a quick exam of the situation I understood that I have to find a new part: The part who connect between the spring and the potentiometer. There are photos of the rudder and the broken hook. If someone, please, can help me find the part. there is no spare parts shop for Saitek. If I have to, I'll pay for it. Thank you very much.
  2. shlomy8

    [SP1D] Comm1 swap key for yoke

    Hello all, So I've updated to the SP1D (clean install), and reconfigured all the axises and buttons via FSX and FSUIPC. But, the only thing I couldn't find is the Comm1 Swap option. As I remember, there was an key option in the CDU, but there isn't now. Tried via FSX control (key), tried via FSUIPC costume button key (with NGX SDK)... but nothing. So, please, how can I configure a key command for the Comm1 Swap?
  3. shlomy8

    A very strange autopilot problem PROBLEM SOLVED I couldn't believe to the solution... so unexpected. After I found this thread, as it looks like the same problem as I have, even in the youtube clips there... I realized that I'm not crazy and some one had it too. Then I read that the problem is form the BIOS... (?!?)... how doe's the bios making so much problem with the PMDG? I don't know the answer, but I know that the registration file of the NGX need the BIOS clock to be in sync with the WIN clock... So, after all this work, the reinstall of everything, the flights from there to there just to get the bug in the final or in other different places, the endless emailing with the PMDG support (just to tell me that my flight profile isn't good... although I sent them pictures, clips and tried to explain that it could happen in different airports with different panel states)... after all these mess, I just sync the BIOS clock... and... It is working!!!! Thank you very much for your help
  4. shlomy8

    A very strange autopilot problem

    So, As the PMDG support had suggest: Make a flight with no weather on and push the TO/GA with right click on the mouse. Took a flight form LCLK to LLBG, default NGX 800, default C&D panel, weather "Clear Skies", clean FSUIPC (deleted the INI as suggest on the PMDG manual). No fail is on, neither the FSX or the NGX options. At the descent, something around the middle of it, I got Caution light on, beeping sound (like the one you get if you put full throttle on the parking), and auto-fail light on the overhead (as seen in the picture). Tried to Clear-All the fail via the FMC options, but with no luck as it keep on caution and beeping. Now, I think, that although it may be some weather problem... there is something more than that... what? don't know. BUT, I found some old topic with the same problem, here in the forum. No solution in there. and here is another post, as comment #7 sounds exactly the same as my problem. What about now? I'm getting mad :\ Can it be maybe the DLL.XML file?
  5. shlomy8

    A very strange autopilot problem

    Hello, Thank you for your attention. First I had thought it was the FSUIPC, altough I didn't assigned any controller with it as PMDG Recommend, so I deleted it but still the same problem. So, now I'm thinking about some bad scenery or the weather (as I use the REX via client PC). I'm doing some test flights. the first flight was without anything (no FSUIPC, no weather, no scenery), just a clean install of the PMDG... and it worked fine! So, now I'm doing some flights that every flight I'm enavling different thing. Until now, I did a good flights with FSUIPC, LLBG v2 scenery... I'm keep on suspect that it should be the REX... as my next flights will be with the auto-weather of the FSX itself. Will keep on update Thank you all
  6. shlomy8

    A very strange autopilot problem

    Hello, So I made a screen video of the sim, while the bug appear. one from takeoff and one mid-flight. Here there are: Takeoff As I push TOGA, the throttle do nothing. So I disabling the A/T and move it manually. After T/O I push the VNAV, LNAV and CMD and the plane start to roll for no reason. I can't take control with just moving my yoke until I disengaging the A/P bar. Mid-Air While descanting (can appear in every part of the flight), I get the beep-beep without any reason. And as I try to override the controls by moving the yoke to the left (or right), the plane start to roll right, as in the takeoff phenomenon. I'd tried to do everything, as disabling the FSUIPC (although the controls assigned via FSX itself), disabling some sceneries, reinstall NGX and fly as it is, fly with sky clear weather, fly with no internet connection... But still, the problem keep going on different part of the flight. I'm still emailing with PMDG support. Do someone have any idea? clue? this is very frustrating as I made a complete format of my PC just to check if something went wrong. Thank you
  7. shlomy8

    A very strange autopilot problem

    So, It is still making this strange thing, but now I payed my attention on these things: The "bug" is gone when I open the FSX menu and clicking on something and get back to the flight. Is it possible the the UIAutomationCore.dll that I have to fix the menu crashed is affecting? My CDU settings about the throttle override is "NEVER", so after I push the A/T, LNAV, VNAV and CMD, I put back my Saitek Throttle on idle (because it is so sensitive that it have a small moves that can disconnect the A/T while takeoff). In the descent, while passing altitude 8000-6000 feet, the yellow caution light is on, there is a beep-beep sound (like if I opened the throttle on the ground) and of course the drifting and the rolling etc. The caution and the beeping stopped when I move my Saitek throttle, as like there is some kind of effect even if the settings should prevent that.My next flights will be with no add-on scenery on, and I'd replaced the UIAutomationCore.dll to an other version, hope to find that it is the problem. So far, as the PMDG support are trying to help me (although the keep on trying to explain me that the SID on the youtube clip isn't right... but I'm keeping on tell them that it is just a demo of the problem, and it keep going at every sid/star in every place), there is no solution... Hope to update you soon with some good news.
  8. shlomy8

    A very strange autopilot problem

    That was one of the first steps I did... nothing
  9. shlomy8

    A very strange autopilot problem

    I'm sure I free it all Do you have some tips to check the freedom of my PC?
  10. shlomy8

    A very strange autopilot problem

    I did as in the manual, just deleted the fsuipc.ini... same problem.
  11. Hello, So, after I installed a fresh win7 64bit, FSX SP2, REX OD+ Essential, FSUIPC 4.92 and NGX sp1c [all legal for the sceptic...]. It is really that strange problem, so first of all here is a video [with annotations]: And now I do the explain (although I wrote it all in the video review): The problem can occur on takeoff (as in the video), or in the middle of the flight (a part of the video). On the ground, after the N1 is on 40%, and I push the TO/GA, the throttle remains on its position although I can't move it (it is on AT arms...), So, I'm disengaging the AT, put the throttle on maximum and return back the AT and TO/GA. After the takeoff, there is the other part of the problem, and this part can occur in the middle of the flight (if the first one didn't): The auto trim and the auto throttle stop to response, the plane start to draft from the magenta line and tilting to the right. as I push the VNAV, the trim "jump" once, and keep on freezing. When I'm trying to make an override to the controls, by moving the yoke, the plane starts to make a right hand roll that I can't control, just if I disengage the AP bar. I managed to find, that if I pause the sim for 5 sec while one of the errors occurs, it fixed it self. Really my friends, I try to reinstall all, to disconnect the yoke and fly with the keyboard ( ), fly without weather, in the day, in the night... but nothing changed. I also found, that the autopilot of the default planes is making some kind of problem, like pulling the trim all the way up (but after I reinstall the FSX it stopes). Here is 2 videos of the old problem: Default C172 autopilot Default 737 autopilot I hope you could understand my problem, and if someone have any idea how can I fix it without reinstall the whole windows again... god will bless him Thank you (Yes, I sent a ticket for the PMDG costumer service... didn't answer me yet, and it is important that other will see it too)