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  1. Nuckingfutz

    PMDG777 Fuel Quantity Decrease during cruise

    It's like Bryan says, all in kgs. Based on the flight route, weights, FL, wind predections etc, the plane thinks (at departure), that there will be (e.g.) 5200 kgs of fuel left at destination. As the flight progresses, the plain recalculates a lesser value. It might be that Active Sky uses other wind data then PFPX (in of 10 cases). PFPX provides the wind aloft data for the fuel prediction during flight (only once, at departure if I am not mistaken). Active Sky provides the actual winds that are encountered during flight. In theory they should be identical, but perhaps this is a clue for this mysterious fuel disappearance. Question of course is, if potential differences in wind can explain this excessive fuel consumption. The fact that the issue is happening only 1 in 10, seems to indicated that Bryan is doing nothing wrong. Otherwise, the issue would appear 10 out of 10.
  2. Nuckingfutz

    VATSIM users

    Hi Erich, Vatsim is great fun. Objective is to perform everything according to real procedures. Mostly serious pilots because anyone who is trolling will draw the attention of a supervisor and will be kicked off. To make it a great experience: know how to fly your airplane go observing some ATC for a while to get the hang of it (park your plane at a remote apron and dial into the ATC-frequencies) study the procedures and lingo of ATC have fun. In your first couple of flights, place the remark "Newbie" or something like that. Most controllers will have patience. Use valid flight plans (e.g. vat Don't do your first flight during an event See you in the skies. Alex
  3. Nuckingfutz

    Controller of choice?

    Saitek x52 pro, but changing to saitek pro flight yoke and rudder pedals in a couple of weeks
  4. Nuckingfutz

    PMDG 777-300ER

    I think you mean that the liveries are gone? I installed the sp1 for the 200LR/F and had the same thing. Remedy: I closed FSX, restarted the operations center, selected the 200LR/F. It indicated by itself that liveries were missing and it asked if it should be repaired. After clicking yes, all liveries were again available in FSX. Kind regards Alex
  5. Nuckingfutz


    The ease of use is great and also the model matching logic. However, every flight I get a Hresult 0xC000014B error every 20-30 minutes or so. Yesterday I did a 7 hour flight, starting with vPilot. I removed the IVAO C150 model, because there are some posts saying that this model has errors. However, after 20-30 minutes, Hresult error. In the windows logging there is no clue as to which module is causing this (' unknown'). The remaining 6,5 hours of the flight I used FsInn without any problems. Using the PMDG777, ASN, Aivlasoft, PFPX, all legal. So, for me it is FsInn, unless somebody can deliver the remedy :-) Alex
  6. Nuckingfutz

    vPilot client is out

    Whats really bugging me is the sound when a text message arrives which is not for me. Not possible to turn it off.