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  1. OneTinSoldier66

    Cannot install livery via .ptp file with latest version of 737

    Yes. I thought all I had to do was update the PMDG OPS Center and then run the new installer.
  2. Hello, After installing the latest version of the 737-800/900 NGX into P3D v4, I cannot install a livery via a .ptp file I had the 737 NGX and it's expansion pack installed to P3D v3. I ran the OPS Center updater. Then I downloaded the latest 737-800/900 NGX installer. I ran it and chose to install it into P3D v4. I then tried to install a livery using the OPS Center, but got an error message that "the livery is for the PMDG 737-800 NGX but that variant is not installed!" Then I re-ran the latest installer and selected to install into P3D v3. I thought perhaps that would fix the issue, but it did not. Using the previous version of the 737 NGX, this .ptp file and various other .ptp file liveries installed just fine. I am running the OPS Center 'as Administrator'. Any ideas as to what might be wrong? Thank you, Jimmy Richards
  3. OneTinSoldier66

    Real Air Duke v2.0 Released

    I bought her last night and did a little flight. I clicked the 'Prop Sync' switch and lost all clickspots. I flew another plane for just a bit today and everything worked okay with it. Later I started up FSX and loaded up the Duke, no clickspots! I bought her last night and did a little flight. I clicked the 'Prop Sync' switch and lost all clickspots. I flew another plane for just a bit today and everything worked okay with it. Later I I started up FSX and loaded up the Duke, no clickspots! First time I've ever encountered this problem.
  4. OneTinSoldier66

    latest ati driver doesn't work with fsx

    No problem. You're welcome.
  5. Years ago ATI developed the Catalyst Install Manager with cleanly removing old drivers in mind as one of it's functions. Driver Sweeper may have been a good idea prior to that but I wouldn't recommend using it now, especially after hearing about your woes abax200. It's possible using Driver Sweeper caused/contributed to things going bonkers on you. I don't know though. I did use Driver Sweeper in the time prior to Catalyst Install Manager coming out. But now I always use the Catalyst Install Manager to install/uninstall the AMD/ATI Catalyst drivers and haven't had any hassles. Hope that helps fwiw, Jim Richards
  6. OneTinSoldier66

    latest ati driver doesn't work with fsx

    Okay, another update. I uninstalled the 13.9's fine using the Catalyst Install Manager. Installed the 13.4's with no problems to report. The sim is back to behaving great now. I hadn't flown in several days and upon switching between the two drivers, I believe that the color saturation was a little washed out looking under the 13.9's. With the 13.4's the coloration is good and crisp, no crashes going to the map view, nor when exiting a flight or exiting the sim from a flight. Everything seem pretty solid again. Hope that helps fwiw, Jim Richards
  7. OneTinSoldier66

    latest ati driver doesn't work with fsx

    Thanks for the link to that other thread abax2000. I rebooted the computer for the second time since installing the 13.9's, just in case. Well, there is something that has been happening that I didn't mention before but should have. Whenever I press 'Esc'(the Escape key) and either select to exit the flight or the sim, it crashes. The 13.9's do seem to be wonky. I decided I'm going to go back to the Catalyst 13.4's which worked great.
  8. OneTinSoldier66

    latest ati driver doesn't work with fsx

    Okay, I made a change in the Catalyst Control Panel before starting the sim again. I had previously been using 4x Adaptive Anti-Aliasing and I changed it to Multisampling just to see what that was like. I loaded up the plane and after a minute I went to the map. No crash. I then exited the sim to come here and report. I'll go back to Adaptive Anti-Aliasing to see if that causes a crash. I must say I'm a little leery of the new drivers since you have reported having an issue, and I had a crash when trying to go to the map the first time after installing them. But I'll stick with the new drivers for little while to see how it goes. Regards Errr sorry, when I said Adaptive Anti-Aliasing I meant Adaptive Multisampling. I'll try Supersampling too.
  9. OneTinSoldier66

    latest ati driver doesn't work with fsx

    Well, flying seems to work okay. Everything seems to look just fine. I just tried to go to the map and the sim crashed. Don't know if it has anything to do with the driver change or not. But anyway, I'm going to start the sim again and go to the map right away and see what happens. If it crashes again when trying to go to the map I'm going to revert to the 13.4's and see if the sim still crashes. Cheers
  10. OneTinSoldier66

    latest ati driver doesn't work with fsx

    I just installed the 13.9 drivers. I also had the 13.4 driver installed prior to installing the Catalyst 13.9 driver. Right after installing the newer driver I came on to the forums here and saw this thread. After reading your post sleightflight I was cringing with an "Oh no, I just installed them!" Of course, I decided to fire up FSX to see what would happen. Nothing wrong, no issue here that I can see so far. I loaded up the MilViz 737-200 and it seemed just fine. It was all I did before coming back to reply here. I haven't flown yet. Anyway, whew! Sigh of relief on my end. I'd rather not have to go back to the older drivers if I don't need to. My card is an HIS(ATI) IceQ Radeon HD 7850 You did uninstall the old driver before installing the newer one, correct? Good luck, Jim Richards
  11. OneTinSoldier66

    Smooth FPS in FSX, A MYTH?

    Hi all, I found that I needed to make a tweak or two to my Win8 OS, as well as tweak FSX. In case it might be of help to someone, here's the OS tweak from the guide that I followed that seemed to make a big difference for me. Go to Control Panel – Power Options. In the window that appears there is a dropdown that says: Show Additional Plans, expand it. Place a bullet in the power profile: HIGH PERFORMANCE and then click PLAN SETTINGS. For the monitor you can set this to what ever you like, 20min is usually a good value. For the ‘Put Computer to Sleep option, select NEVER. Click the ADVANCED power settings link. In the advanced power setting box go down the list and make sure these are set or change them as outlined: HARD DISK – Turn off hard disk: NEVER SLEEP – Sleep After: NEVER These next 2 settings may or may not appear, if they are there, change them as shown - Hibernate after: NEVER - Allow hybrid sleep: OFF PCI EXPRESS: Link State Power Management: OFF PROCESSOR POWER MANAGEMENT: System cooling Policy: ACTIVE Click Apply if you made any changes and then OK to close the box. Close the Edit Power Settings window. Open a elevated ADMIN command prompt which is different from a standard command prompt: On the Windows task bar click Start and in the search box type: cmd in the box that appears above, right click on cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator. In the command prompt type - powercfg.exe /hibernate off - and then press ENTER NOTE: Instead of typing you can use the mouse to highlight and copy - powercfg.exe /hibernate off - then place the mouse pointer in the command window, right click and select PASTE and then click ENTER. --------------------- My FSX runs really nice with settings turned up pretty high overall with let's say... the Eaglesoft Cessna Citation X v2, except at large airports due to the amount of AI Traffic. I still fly her on in at large airports. Most anywhere besides large airports(KDEN) it's really great and stays pretty much at the locked 30 FPS. I highly recommend finding a good guide, tweak your OS, don't have it loaded down with a bunch of stuff running in the background(check into what's getting loaded at startup). Tweak FSX, play with settings, etc. Naturally you'll need to have a decent rig to have settings turned up fairly high. I built mine a few years ago and it seems to work just fine after some tweaking. Cheers Addons so far: MyTrafficX v5.4 Scenery Tech North America Landclass FSGenesis North America and World Terrain Mesh Orbx FTX Global FSUIPC And a few payware and freeware aircrafts of course System: Asus P6X58D Premium Intel iCore7 980x Extreme 6-Core CPU @3.33GHz(no overclocking) Mushkin High Performance 6GB RAM(custom bios timing settings) HIS(ATI/AMD) IceQ 7850 2GB GPU