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  1. easleyw11


    My friend and I, with whom I've flown in the NGX with DP many successful times, sat down the other day to do a flight from Memphis to Midway. He connected to my multiplayer and then my desk pilot, and we set it up just as we had when it had worked. But, when I flipped switches on my side, he couldn't see them be flipped. However, when he flipped switches on his side, I could see them be flipped on my screen. Why is this? Thanks in advance.
  2. easleyw11

    I accidentally drew two flight plans I think?

    Basically, you're just starting to draw out your route. To try to sum up what you said to better understand it, you exported a company route, selected it, then chose a SID? Normally discontinuities do occur between the SID and the rest of the route, just because the SID ends and needs to meet up or connect to the rest of your route. You didn't do anything wrong, you just haven't completely finished programming your route yet. Google is your friend, programming the FMC is far too complicated to explain over a forum post. Will
  3. easleyw11

    PMDG 737 NGX Split Scimitar Winglets

    It's a definite possibility that PMDG would do this, and maybe even do the 737 MAX, but that would be after they finish their current projects, like the 777-300ER, 747 v2, and the DC-6. We're talking a few years down the road... if they were to decide to pursue this. Your guess is as good as mine. Will
  4. Plenty of US domestic routes to be had! I know you said in Europe, but carriers like Southwest do a TON of domestic routes between 1 and 3 hours. BOS-MDW, MDW-HOU, HOU-MCO, MCO-PVD... the list goes on and on... Will
  5. easleyw11

    Absence of callouts in Southwest paint for the 800

    Southwest Airlines does not use call outs. Pilot not flying makes the announcements. I fly nothing but Southwest in the 737 and turn on the announcements since, unless I'm sharing the cockpit, in which case I turn them off, I wouldn't have the PNF to call them out. Will
  6. easleyw11

    What if a passenger asks to see the flight papers?

    Personally, I've gotten the whole dispatch report on American from Chicago to Boston about 6 months ago. Being a teen, I went up to the captain in the terminal and asked to board a little early to watch them do preflight. I knew it was practically impossible, but what do you know, he let me! I sat there for 25 minutes, chatted a little and then went to sit in my seat for the flight. When I came back up, the FO wanted me to rate his landing on a scale of 1 to 10 (10!! ), they offered me the dispatch! Hanging up on my wall for when I do the ORD-BOS hop. Will