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  1. @KL791 this is looking so good.... it's going to be a miserable 10-12 days waiting :P Quick question - do the ships have start / stop states, or are they always moving? Also - I'm working on some landmark scenery for St Petersburg and there's a lot of scheduled hydrofoil service there, I was going to take a stab at including the Meteors, trying to use the same techniques are you're using. Are you doing anything special on the hydrofoils - ie do you have them raising up onto the foil or are they always up on the foil? ( or whatever the proper nautical term is ) Cheers! Really looking forward to this - great work!
  2. Most of the issues seem to have been fixed by update 6. However, the CTD when you click L/R on the Heading Knob is still present. ( Single clicking to get 1 deg increments vs mouse wheel and 10 deg increments ) ( reported as bug )
  3. ELEV TRIM switch was working but the latest MSFS update broke it ( but trim functions like the switch is on ) ...setting rudder trim had required the switch to be on.
  4. https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Describe the issue as accurately as you can, plus add screens / video if possible.
  5. Since MSFS is so MP / Live focused - will shipping work in MP for anyone with the addon? ( ie will 2 players with the mod see the same ships in the same location? ) Thanks - great work!
  6. I'd love to see the old U206 on floats get a refresh for MSFS with steam gauges 😉 Also, I'll be a lot more excited about seaplanes where there are better water physics ( or any water physics )
  7. Yeah, I'm seeing that as well - it seems different per plane, too. Like the X Cub HDG knob on the AP runs in 10 deg increments and the HDG knob on the G3X runs in 1 deg ( or vice versa ). It's been bugged a few times to zendesk, so I'm hoping for a fix down the road. I'd prefer not to clear bindings on all the Honeycomb panel switches ( which is the current workaround ) You can single click on the HDG knob to get 1 deg changes, but mouse wheel is randomly 1 or 10. ( I wonder if this is what's causing the NAV mode issue in AP - as it feels like it's over correcting by 10 degrees )
  8. I ran across this when trying to debug an issue that showed up after I bought the Mooney - wasn't getting any flight time logged. Turned out to be a problem with dev mode after the last patch and not the Mooney. While troubleshooting that, some guys had mentioned the avionics shutting off in the M20R, which I hadn't seen. The first time I turned off dev mode, the avionics failed, like everyone said. I ran another test with dev mode back on - avionics didn't fail ( and no flight time logged ). I decided I'd rather risk the Mooney avionics failing and get credit for flight time and turned off dev mode until Asobo fix the logging issue. I haven't had the avionics fail since then. One difference after noticing the issue, is that I was a lot more vigilant about making sure the switches on my Honeycomb were set correctly for however I was starting the flight ( engines running vs cold & dark ). Haven't tried to A/B past that - but also haven't had any issues since then, too.
  9. I'm really looking fwd to this for MSFS when it's ready. It made such a big difference in the immersion for P3D - you notice ships from such a huge distance away that it gives life to the environment much more than cars or anything else. I meant to mention this to one of the producers at MSFS as an official feature, as I think having the ships replicate in multiplayer would be key and I don't know what kind of support is in the SDK for that.
  10. It's about default level, to be honest. You can follow a real checklist and flick all the right switches and sorta use it as a procedural trainer - but it doesn't punish you if you do something wrong, or forget an item. That being said - I've only run across minor items and you don't run out of fuel halfway, like a couple of the default a/c. It seems a bit high on the performance... I'm flying a 182S IRL right now, and have never flown a 182T - but in my experience this one accelerates and decelerates faster than the real thing. I don't always bother to match weights, ( Carenado defaults to much lighter than I would fly - usually with 1-2 pax in back ) but I have loaded it exactly and it still seems OP. I've matched enroute flight times and it's pretty close... 1:45 IRL for one trip, and 1:41 in the sim with similar settings. So it might be ok for what you're looking for. Carenado does the best looking planes of any 3rd party developer, but systems are pretty much always default level. Don't expect A2A. Issues I've seen: Non-existent fuel cut-off valve is on, if you start cold and dark ( cut off is on the fuel selector IRL - not a separate valve like the default C172 ) - you need to hit ALT+V to open the valve. ( If you prime the engine w/o opening the valve - you still see fuel flow ) MP gauge on G1000 doesn't show decimals ( it does on XP11 and P3D ) Right Quick View doesn't work - shows Left Quick View I've had the AP go insane and try to flip the plane ( after active pause, maybe? - I think this is a global issue ) - normally works ok. Also, got stuck on 10 deg increments only on the Heading Bug part-way through a flight ( probably also a global thing ) - normally it's fine. This also seemed to affect the APs ability to capture a path
  11. This is my 3rd time buying it ( P3D, XP11 ) and I'm not regretting it. It's the closest thing to what I'm flying IRL ( C182S w half glass ) There's a bunch of little issues, but I'm still enjoying flying it and I'm not even that annoyed that there's no discount for previous owners - like Orbx's stuff.
  12. all the premium aircraft seem to be encrypted. there definitely needs to be a better solution for repainting!
  13. No docs here? .....\Official\OneStore\carenado-aircraft-ct182t-skylane-g1000\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado_CT182T_Skylane_G1000\Documentation also - be aware that if you're starting cold & dark, you'll need to hit ALT+V to open the non-existent fuel cut-off valve in order to start the engines ( although you'll see see positive fuel flow with priming - even if the cut-off is engaged ) verify your prop level position in the cockpit as well, before starting - as it doesn't always initialize correctly and will cause the engine to stall after a few seconds of running
  14. I had a similar issue on installing the Brasilia today. Updated GeForce drivers, reinstalled P3D, reinstalled the aircraft - same issue. Checked graphic settings and HDR was checked off ( from FlyInside VR override settings ). Checked HDR on. Fixed it.
  15. Not really. Default FSX/P3D scenery in a flat area - not showing the horizon vs XP with addon scenery. Anyone with P3D + ASN and Orbx or Megascenery could match that. Apples to apples, please. I keep all 3 sims around for comparison, and find myself using P3Dv3 the most ( by far ) right now and XPlane the least ( by far ). XP does a lot of things that I really like ( night, sloped runways, better default FDE and ground handling ), but I hate the UI / Menus with a passion and I don't get much better performance than P3D. The fact that the majority of my high-quality addons for FSX work fine in P3D is no small factor. Shared cockpit / MP is another factor, although I don't use it as much as I'd like. I find the endless FDE arguments kind of amusing - at the end of the day, you're still sitting in an office chair, staring at a 3' wide screen with a chintzy plastic joystick/yoke w no force feedback and complaining about how "unrealistic" the flying is.
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