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  1. I did a new clean install of P3Dv4.2.2. I then modified the R22 panel.cfg and sim.cfg to that recommended here. The autopilot pops up as desired but then it does not work at all. Furthermore, on my system it locks up the "Shift+key" selections so that you cannot use them anymore and you have to exit the flight and start over again to regain functionality. I am running P3D in Windows 10 build 1709 (64bit) with all the latest updates in administrator mode and just can't get this autopilot to work. Any suggestions from anyone?
  2. BokChoy

    Aerocache problem?

    If these are updated, how will they be acquired? I mean, will they automatically be overwritten when the program starts? Or something like that? This would be great to do them all over with a more challenging distance mark. Looking forward to it. Many thanks for all the work.
  3. Yes, there are multiple errors. Almost all of them read: "Requested asset does not exist: ({24E7722E-4341-FA99-3D92-CCB82166C139}) (51.477480, -0.488670): MaterialVariation '{24E7722E-4341-FA99-3D92-CCB82166C139}' for autogen failed because it is ether missing or is of the incorrect\invalid type." I do not think I have any addons enabled. I say I don't think because I have run so many extras from the Steam program like "Arctic Rescue", "Dangerous Approaches", etc. Maybe when I put those on they added stuff I am unaware of. However, as far as I can ascertain, I did not put any scenery addons on per se. I have run a lot of third party missions so I am sure that some additional stuff got on without my knowing. I guess I will just have to live with it. Once again, many thanks for your input.
  4. Majuh: I did as you suggested. I completely erased my existing conversion. I then used toolkit 1.1.32 to reconvert. Took a while but completed ok. I then went back into Flight and tried those aerocaches that I mentioned. They still don't work. I tried the Moscow TV tower and it bombed the program just like before. Either these aerocaches are corrupt or my version of FSX-SE is corrupt. The only thing bothers me is that all the other aerocaches worked fine. Still wondering why just these few. Thanks anyway for your help but at this point I am just bewildered.
  5. Is there any way to re-download or retrieve the new aerocaches? I have three new aerocaches which do not load and cause the main program to crash. All the others work fine so I am assuming that these three got corrupt somehow. They are the TV tower in Moscow, the French Arch De Triumphe, and the London Eye. Every time I try to load these they crash my system. May during the initial retrieval they got meshed up. So how can I get these three again with a fresh download? Any help thanks.
  6. Many thanks for publishing those pending, as Albacore said. I am having a bad problem however. When visiting many of these new aerocaches, the autogen puts like a million trees all over the place and I can't even see anything but trees. Whoever heard of thousands of trees surrounding the Sphinx? Anyone else having this problem? Any solution? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. When do the "pending" aerocaches" become "unpending" so that you can collect them? Really looking forward to getting these and more. Thanks.
  8. Thanks very much for the outstanding effort. Good luck in your new endeavours. Best wishes.
  9. I just found out about the new aerocaches being added to the sim and I just want to say a big Thank you to whoever is getting them up and running. I tried out a few of the new ones and I am just very happy that we are having new ones. Thanks to everyone involved. I love aerocaches.
  10. Hello Friends: I just purchased the GTN 750 for X-plane Ver.10.51 and it works perfectly. However, I don't see anywhere that there is an autopilot. The announcement says that there is a new autopilot. Is that just for FSX or for X-plane also? Thanks for a great product.
  11. BokChoy

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.12

    I finally got the conversion working with 1.1.12. I erased the worldwide addon and then reinstalled it. After I did this everything started to work. Don't know why this happened. One thing has me really puzzled. If I click on an airport in New Jersey and look at the job board, there are multiple jobs you can fly. I tried one and it worked fine. How is this possible? I thought there would only be jobs for Alaska and Hawaii since I did not think MS programmed more. Once again, thanks to everyone who made this possible. Now if we can get more aerocaches in, it would be great. Thanks very much.
  12. BokChoy

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.12

    Thanks to all the respondents. I cannot find any .flightaddon, I am running in NonGWFL mode, and I have completely un-installed the toolkit and reinstalled it. I have deleted the Test folder. I have run the conversion three times and it still does not work. I have looked at the content converter log and there are a million conversions. I have re-enabled the WorldAddon after the conversion. Still, sadly, there is no world. There is only Hawaii and Alaska. I have no idea why this doesn't work since I followed everyone's instructions carefully. Why .flightaddon is not built or created is a mystery to me. I have done a previous conversion from a boxed edition on another machine and everything works. I will have to check out the previous one to see if I can glean anything as to why this one from Steam doesn't go. Thanks everyone for your help.
  13. BokChoy

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.12

    I uninstalled the toolkit, reinstalled it, and ran the conversion again. There were no errors. Checked the C:\Test Folder and it appears all the files are there. However, when I run Flight and check World, the world does not show up. I make sure the Worldaddon box is checked. I cannot figure out why the world will not show up when everthing appears to be where it should be. How does Flight know to look in C:\Test for the new files? It looks like it does not know the files are there to use. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. BokChoy

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.12

    Yes, I did that. Still no joy.
  15. BokChoy

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.12

    I recently did a conversion of the steam fsx with their new code using 1.1.9 toolkit. Toward the end of the conversion there were some errors but looking at the C:\TEST folder it appears that there is a ton of information in the FSXWorld directory. However, when I run Flight I do not see any world except Hawaii or Alaska. Do I have to change directories or move something to get the world to show up? I have the world addon installed. Also, where do I look to see what errors occurred? Thanks for your help. I also installed 1.1.12 over the top of 1.1.9 and ran the conversion again but it would not do anything. Just sat there a long time doing nothing. Do I have to erase everthing and start again?