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  1. Upgraded to 6.1.38 with no problem. Screen note says Upgrade successful. However, if I now try to run any mission/scenario in the sim, it immediately crashes to the desktop. Cannot run any scenarios. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  2. To Rogen: Could you please explain how you got the MD530 to work with the key. I do not understand your terminology of creating a "junction" point. I made sure the key was in the .ini file and installed with admin rights, but as soon as I try to fly, it terminates P3D with "invalid key". Thanks for your help. I sure would like to get this to work.
  3. Tried to install the MD530F. Used the key on the picture. Program accepts the key to install the helicopter. BUT: when I go to run the helicopter, the screen goes black and then tells me that the product key is invalid. Then nothing happens. Tried on P3DV4.5.11. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Helo.missionman@nym.hush.com is the email address for contact. This is a valid and working email.
  5. fhcraig Thank you very much for posting those screen shots of the CH yoke bindings or settings. After setting everything up using your screen shots, the old CH yoke worked perfectly. Once again, many, many thanks.
  6. Same here. CH yoke completely dead and unrecognized. This is very sad. Who wants to fly with a mouse?
  7. Does anyone know how to get the winch operating in the Cerasim 365? I have tried the usual Ctrl+U, J, K, O, and nothing happens. Turning the upper panel knob to "winch" or "winch/cargo" does nothing. If anyone knows how to get this operating, I would really like to know. Thank you.
  8. Have there been any developments in the helicopter autopilot with the release of P3DV5.x? I could never get this to work properly like the old Dirk Fassbender autopilot for 32 bit systems. I have not heard or seen any comments about the autopilot in the new version five. Maybe someone knows.
  9. I recently purchased the S-76A from Nemeth Designs and I am experiencing a severe problem in both FSX and P3D. I cannot load the fuel tanks to full and there is a very conspicuous drain on the onboard fuel. I cannot fly more than 10 minutes before the tanks run dry. Just sitting on the ramp at idle drains the tanks at something like a gallon per minute. Wondering if anyone else has this problem and what I might be able to do to correct it. I am running Win 10 (64 bit) with FSX acceleration and P3DV4.5. Thanks for any help.
  10. Have there been any updates to the helicopter autopilot now that P3DV4.4.x has been released?
  11. Skybolt 66: I have tried all of Helomissionman's helicopter missions and they almost always work in FSX acceleration and FSX steam. Sometimes in P3D there are problems. Especially in version 4 when they went to complete 64 bit architecture. As far as I know the email link to his address is valid. Good luck.
  12. I have programmed the Icaro AW139 helicopter with the new P3D autopilot and took a screen shot to show what it looks like to anyone interested. Works really well but suffers from slight drift to the left on touchdown. I've been trying all kinds of experiments with the programming but can't seem to correct the drift. I have tried this autopilot in R22, EH-101, Bell 206 from FSX ported over to P3D and they all work well except for the drift. My friend Helomissionman has provided a link for the screenshot. https://app.box.com/s/1ilmviwwu242e7fcmqe9fsxqvvxr2pwa Another problem which I mentioned in a previous post: hitting certain other keys while flying the with the autopilot on causes the entire program to lock up and the only way out is to enable the task manager and end the program. Once again, maybe my particular setup or not. If you just fly and operate the autopilot only there is no problem. These experiments were conducted with P3DV4.3.
  13. I set the yaw_damper_gain=100 and the yaw_control_uses_trim=1.000000 in the R22 modified sim cfg and it appears to be pretty stable. I tried the same thing in the EH-101 from FSX and that works really well. The main problem I am having is in hovering. I am still getting drift, although not much. I am mainly using the autopilot on long missions where you have to fly long distances. The autopilot works really well under these circumstances. Holds altitude, heading, speed, really well. I have not tried any nav or gps driven functions yet so I can't presently help on that. Keep experimenting.
  14. I have configured the Bell 206 with the New P3D autopilot following all the instructions as given and put the yaw_damper_gain at 100 as suggested. For the most part, the autopilot seems to work. However, when I put the 206 in a hover at any altitude, I have a constant drift to the left. Don't know what is causing that. Does anyone have suggestions on how to correct this? Also I tried the R22 default helo and it works pretty good but when I put this in a hover, it drifts backwards. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. I did a new clean install of P3Dv4.2.2. I then modified the R22 panel.cfg and sim.cfg to that recommended here. The autopilot pops up as desired but then it does not work at all. Furthermore, on my system it locks up the "Shift+key" selections so that you cannot use them anymore and you have to exit the flight and start over again to regain functionality. I am running P3D in Windows 10 build 1709 (64bit) with all the latest updates in administrator mode and just can't get this autopilot to work. Any suggestions from anyone?
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