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  1. brivadois

    2d panels for Maddog p3dv4

  2. brivadois

    Vertical speed on MCP for PMDG 737

    My bad Sorry
  3. brivadois

    FSL A320 now generally available

    Very happy to meet Lefteris on this forum (that I just begin to read): he was so patient to help me. The FSL support is great. I never saw that with any other developpers. I want to thank him (and his team) again.
  4. brivadois

    FSL A320 now generally available

    Bill, :smile: : 2d Panel on 2 screens
  5. brivadois

    PMDG 777 (module 1.4 - Sept 18)

    As for my other aircrafts (737NGX, MD-11, Axe 318/319) this module works perfectly with my new bird . Thanks for your great work and happy new year, François
  6. brivadois

    Trafic on "my" cleared runway

    Thanks for your quick replies. I don't use any AI traffic software. I specify that I set the landing runway in RC and that I never met an icecream truck when taxiing as IanHarrison did. I'll take a look on aismooth.
  7. Just end a flight from LFLC to LFML(Marseille) runway 13(14)L with a 737 NGX. The runway was cleared but I met a 737 (as I'm a beginner with RC, I set ignore crashes in the realism parameters and set a lot of trafic and global trafic:96% ). At the flight critique, RC told me "Excellent,...." How is it possible ? Thanks for your help.
  8. brivadois

    issue when loadind a saved flight

    I found a solution, I'm not sure it's the good one, but it works everytimes: just load a cessna flight before to load my RC flight (usually a 737 NGX). Thanks for your help
  9. brivadois

    issue when loadind a saved flight

    Ronzie, Yes I set the flt/wx path in RC.I can see it in the RC options: .FLT/.WX Path = C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents\Fichiers Flight Simulator X.
  10. When I want, in Radar Contact, to load a saved flight, I can choose the right path and click on the good rcd file, but nothing happens and, after a while, I get a message "can't load xxx.flt" which yet exists in the same directory. Have I done something wrong ? Thanks for your help
  11. brivadois

    Version 5 Status

    I'm french (nobdy's perfect !) and newbie. As you can see, I don't speak fluent english. I just want to thank John for his patience to help me for the RC's installation which was very hard for me. I didn't know his personnal life's difficulties and I hope things will turn right for him. RC v.5 is certainly not a priority to have a good life. Thanks again François