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  1. cmitch47

    Uiver DC 2

    Is there a Uiver support formun anywhere. I find the manual has some 'holes' like how to rotate the props, charge the batteries, find the external battery cart. Still have not managed to start it up. I will keep working but any help will be appreciated. Cmitch
  2. cmitch47

    The best of the best FSX aircraft?

    oRealair Duke Trubine V2... realistic flight dynamics and you must watch gauges. Easy to crash/over-stress at first. Great performance. oA2A C182T... great subtley, animations, maintanence program and flight dynamics. Watch the plane shift as you fill one wing with gas or list to one side if you have an unequal passenger load. Wear and tear accumulates and depends on how well you fly it! o Aerosoft - Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4 X don't have this one but look similiar to A2A in that you have to maintain the plane. Two seater stick. Flight dynamics are reported to be good. Just Flight Constellation is still fun but does not compare to the above in realism and complexity. Lots of things in the cockpit are non-functional and you really do not have to watch gauges and fly well... once you get the hang of it. None of my Carenado planes compare to the above. Though they are older and maybe Carenado have better planes now. MAAM B-25 has a great feel and is a great fly. It is a little harder to setup however. cmitch
  3. cmitch47

    contemplating a few aircraft. Input?

    I have the a2a 182 as well. Great airplane that hold you accountable for the way you fly (or don't fly)! The Turbo Duke I am about ready to pull the trigger on. I think these two are the best of the single and dual engine aircraft on the market right now. (Tell me what you like about your Duke?) Another to consider, that I have heard good things about, is the Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4 X (watch out there are a lot of other older versions still out there). It is a nice two seater stick driven plane! I will be getting it after the Duke but it has good write ups and, like the a2a C-182, requires maintanence, wears out, and holds the owner accountible for good or bad flying. This will give me 3 good GA crafts. I am hoping someone will come out with a newer, realistic DC-3 or some other large "freight/passenger" hauler I can use in my FSEconomy flying business. Any suggestions out there? cmitch
  4. I have similar issues not yet solved. All of my keys (that I have tried) become inactive. Like my shift-# to look at panel views, save, pause, and zoom in and zoom out... These are the ones I use most often. Do not think it is airplane related. All my yoke buttons and mouse pointer (and the things it clicks on) work. Not having keyboard problems with anything else. Any new thoughts on causes, fixes or work arounds. Thanks
  5. cmitch47

    FSUIPC Registered vs FREE

    Sorry to be such a newby BUT how hard is it to use as it sounds a bit complicated? Are you prompted, when you want to do things, or do you have to alter FSX 'files"? I am okay with changing controls, settings and sensitivities in FSX and doing some things with config files. Not sure about this. Does it run w/n or outside of FSX? I am interested primarily, so far, in wind smoothing and auto saving. Also maybe 'curving some of my flight controls', if I am understanding that right. Any "for dummies" manuals on this out there some where> Thanks!!
  6. Do no use FSUIPC. Is there a similar command in FSX config?
  7. Vary with aircraft but CH Yoke, sometimes add a CH Quadrant.
  8. Not sure where this has be covered. This occurs only in the air not on the runway. It is like I hit an up or down draft but weather is off! Only occasionally happens but happens regardless of aircraft (some more than others however). Not a big issue but sometimes happens on approach! My system is pretty powerful, with lots of ram, hybrid drive, plus plenty of disk space, plenty of frame rates, etc. So I am thinking this is a graphics (Nvidia) card setting issue or FSX config. tweaking issue? Thanks for any help.
  9. Bert I now have 'notepad' enabled to edit config file. My file is slightly different than yours!? (I am not very experience re. what all this means). It shows elevator_effectiveness=2.0 aileron_effectiveness=1.0 rudder_effectiveness=1.0 I note above you had a //1.00 and a //1.0 following your numbers? What is the significance of the //'number' AND SHOULD I ADD this notation when I make my changes? Lastly, do you know of any pdf that explains what a lot of this coding means?
  10. Bert, what program do you use to edit the config file? I get a warning when I try to use MS Word? Carl
  11. Bert, what do you have your 'elevator effectiveness' set at... mine is at 2?! That is the control I have the most issue with. Will try the grease. Thanks
  12. I have a CH Yoke, 5 or so years old. After not flying for several years I started up again with a new system that easily get 45+ frs. I notice two things about my yoke, which could be the same for Saitik of same age on same system. It is very sensitive with my new system and I cannot reduce, in FSX, the sensitivity enough in the pitch and roll directions. Makes landing in a responsive small craft like my A2A C-182T challenging! My yoke is a little 'sticky' when starting to pull it out causing some over pitching. I don't recall this being an issue when I used it several years ago so it my be due to the responsiveness of my system now. But it does stick a little. I can compensate with slight lifting of the yoke when I start to pull out. Also setting more null has helped. Like I said it could be an age thing and it could be the same with Saitek. Overall I like my CH Yoke. Carl
  13. cmitch47

    REX Soft Clouds in FSX ?

    Yes Rich, I thought I might not be able to get and answer because I had no order number... so I went here. Sorry. Your answer was very complete! I especially like that I can "install and forget it", I think you said. I will give it a try. Thanks again! Carl ================
  14. cmitch47

    REX Soft Clouds in FSX ?

    How does REX Sc interact with FSX's weather control system? Do I still set my weather conditions in FSX/World/Weather (i.e. fair weather, building storms, real weather, etc.) and REX simply integrates its clouds into FSX, OR does REX have its own weather systerm/controller? If so how does one then integrate the REX weather within FSX? Thanks!