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  1. Did you ever get it working? I had the same issue a year or two ago and gave up. But i decided to try again tonight seeing as new version have been released but still has the issue. I have supersampling enabled. Tried using radeon pro and what is essentially catalyst now and still looks grainy.
  2. brendan19

    issue with textures

    it wasnt a saved, honestly i think something is just wrong with the scenery or something is conflicting. Because ill load my most intensive airports with pmdg 777 active sky etc and all textures load. tis is fsx though i guess
  3. So yesterday I landed in vrmm, weather was bad untill about 2000 feet. landed whatever easy. but now 24 hours later after just now turning pc on and attempting to fly back to dubai. My textures are grey, black and green. at first I was using free ware so I disabled it and it still happened. In the cockpit, three out of 6 screens load and 3 are just black but if I go out of the cockpit and come back in its all greyed out So I decided to load at dubai to see if my entire sim is fubar, but it worked normally. So I decided to load with out activesky and it still wouldnt work. I thought maybe my virtual memory was getting hogged up by the bad weather thats currently going on but still same issue. Im not sure why now considering yesterday everything was perfect. Edit, just tried it at KJFK fs dreamteam and sim worked perfectly, just seems to be this airport...
  4. brendan19

    Which models?

    Just the 300ER.
  5. I have given up aswell. I can't manage to get the shimmers to go away or get a descent AA. Wasted 29 bucks but oh well.
  6. brendan19

    PMDG A350

    Because it's modern times. Speaking of times, get with it.
  7. Can't wait. More than excited.
  8. brendan19

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    Nice! hope the xplane users enjoy.
  9. brendan19

    FSX Haze Layer: Hate? Love?

    I thought it was a good question
  10. brendan19

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    SDK isn't working for me in ADE.
  11. brendan19

    Wont move

    A little bit delayed but turns out it was a service pack issue.
  12. brendan19

    Captains, who are you and how do you fly the 777?

    lol 1 female. Sniff Sniff any one smell sausage?
  13. brendan19

    Weather.DLL error loading 777

    How did you fix it. Same thing is happening to me.
  14. brendan19

    Wont move

    I don't fly the dash 8 very much. I do use it for weights and fuel though.